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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gentle whispers from the past...

At 9am this morning, I got a call from a dear friend and Pastor. He used to work for the hospice that took care of my Mother in Law in her last few weeks of life. He was instrumental in our surviving the unimaginable. He sat by her bed and read her favorite psalms and sang hymns to her. He would hug and kiss her hello and good bye. He was like a gentle breeze softly whispering over her Spirit. She would not speak, or open her eyes, but she pressed her forehead against his when he sang and prayed for her.

His prayers would raise you up and take you to a better place. We only knew one another for three days a week for two weeks, but we felt like we knew one another for years. So close, so connected, we ask him to conduct Nana's memorial service. His words were like the softest blanket, warmed ever so slightly in the dryer and placed around our shoulders. He spoke from his heart and it touched us so deeply the way he had gotten to know her without ever speaking with her. Truly, he has a special gift.

Today he drove two hours to visit with Dad for one hour. Dad did not remember him at first, until Pastor reminded him he had also baptized my two grand sons. Pastor said Dad lit up when their names were mentioned. Pastor shared their conversation with me, and once again, listening to his words and the genuine concern in his voice, were like listening to a beautiful, comforting song. He has such an incredible way of relating and saying precisely the right words.

He shared the poem of Footprints with Dad and reminded him the Lord was carrying him now during this difficult time. He told Dad he was a bright Light for Christ and to shine his light and be an example to all those around him. He asked Dad to trust in the nurses and doctors because they are doing the Lord's work. He asked Dad to take his medication and eat his food so he could be strong for the Lord. He told Dad he knew he would be kind and thankful for those who were following the Lord's way and taking such good care of him.

He placed his hands on Dad and prayed for healing. He prayed for Dad and for all of us. Pastor was so touched by Dad and shared his sadness for Dad and all of us. He told me Dad gave him a wonderfully, warm hug and they just lingered for awhile holding one another. Pastor shared that both his parents are in a skilled nursing facility for Alzheimer's in Florida. He told me his own Father has not recognized him for several years.

It meant so very much to me, that he would hear our anguish, frustration and torment through my emails and phone calls to him. I had called upon him for prayers of strength, understanding and patience. How Blessed we are to have such a peaceful prayer warrior fighting for our Dad...

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