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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We are living in a day that can't be repeated...

My youngest brother E, calls our Dad, "Pops".  E, being the caboose of the family, spent a lot more time with Dad growing up because he was in the house longer.  Even after he graduated from High School, he continued to live and pay rent to Mom and Dad for several years.  He and Dad have a very special bond.
I am leaving my brother's email to us as is, because I love the way he spins a story....

My brother told us that despite Pops not making any sense half the time, some of the times there is a lot of meaning in what he says.  Besides, we all have our moments when we use the wrong word or say the wrong thing, and if he can be half the man and half the shape Pops is in, he will be very proud of himself.

It's like all that Dad is, his likes, dislikes, passions, phobias, phrases, topics of conversation, his personality, are all tossed into a bag and jumbled up.  When he talks, it is like opening the bag and pouring it out on the floor.  Some of it comes out making sense, and a lot of it is all mixed up like Scrabble pieces.  That is what Alzheimer's is like.

Here is my brother's account of their visit today...

"Pops is Ronald Reagan today.
He wants to teach the kids to sky dive.
He's going to plant marijuana all over the sky.

I told him about my job and starting a business.
Pops said he was hoping I would start my own business.

Pops went up with the astronaut's into space.
Up in a spaceship and loved the view from up above.
There was a million pounds of marijuana grown up there.
Magnetize a band from earth.
Look down on this beautiful country and the American flag.
Control the magnetism in the sky
Strong and tight band.
Teach about it and you control whatever you want to do.
I asked him what makes him happy. He told me, I did.
He sees me as a leader in my business. Don't talk about it just do it.

God will take care of you. 
I asked him for some words of wisdom and he said "Love your neighbor as yourself"
"I'm so happy to be with you", he told me.
All of your natural abilities.
Pops then said to me, "Do you realize how much of a miracle you are?".  (That really made me smile.)
"The people inside the rec room see us and understand what family really is".
(Another big smile. :) from me.)

Women have all the power.
It is a beautiful day with a slight breeze
The lady's control him.
He loves people.
He loves his family.

I decided to ask Pops about some of his favorite things. Here are his answers:

Flower is the Lily
(Plant fields of Lilys not marijuana!! I told him.)
Food is peanut butter
Season is the fall when the leaves turn colors.
Movie actor is John Wayne .  Pops voice got real loud as he said, "All right you guys" and then let out a big roar, pretending to be the Duke... CLASSIC!!
 Drink is a can of beer.
 Animal is his old dog and best friend, Brutus
 Holiday is Thanksgiving.
 Color is sky blue then he looked up toward the sky. :)
 Ice cream is Pistachio.
Actress Maureen O'Hara. Pops told me how she was dragged around by the Duke... Big fight in the bar. Based in Ireland (The movie was, The Quiet Man)

Song is Chicago (then Pops busted out and sang it)
Favorite job teaching children in the sky

His girl will pull something funny on him.
She takes very good care of him. (I think she tickles him.)
"Rup, bup, bup, bup, ba!" he says. She's a doll.
He would like to shower all day long. (With her?? No, I didn't ask him that. lol)

He brought up Donna's grandsons and smiled when he told me, their parents protect them.

Pops said he got a nice call from our brother in Ohio. Both he and his wife talked with Dad. They wax the floors and watch ballgames.

Classic one liners from Pops:

He's not at war and doesn't care.
We are living in a day that can't be repeated.
These days don't come that often.
He wants to teach the kids about gods love and family
God, mom and his children are his biggest passion
Keep god first in your life.

That was our visit, so I rolled him back into the rec room. I left with a smile, a kiss and an I love you. "



Mari said...

Your brother really put it well, when he said it was like everything was jumbled in a bag and tossed out. There are little snippets of him in those comments and some are so sweet!

Jeanie said...

So poignant, and such a story of love. Your dad is a lucky man.

JeannetteLS said...

A day to keep very, very close, Donna. Thank you for this entry! and, yes, he IS handsome. Love, Jetty

Vegas Linda Lou said...

The marijuana references crack me up!