This blog was formerly dedicated in 2009 to my Dad who died of Alzheimer's in 2013. It's been three years now...and I find myself missing I am re-inventing my blog... because, after all, life is about moving through, and going forward...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Dad had another fall...

I got a phone call from the nursing home telling me Dad fell again.  Apparently he was in physical therapy this morning, and gets very antagonistic when the therapist assist Dad in standing up. He yelled at the therapist and in doing so, lost his balance and started to fall.  He caught himself on his wheelchair, on his way down, (luckily, the wheels were locked) and ended up sitting beside it on the floor.  He was laughing when they rushed to him to see if he was OK.

The nurse told me Dad did not even have any scrapes or bruises, but the doctor had been called any way.  She wanted to assure me he was fine.  We discussed his poor circulation and the blister on his left foot, and possibly that contributing to him being off balance.  I asked if they were giving him regular time to keep his feet elevated.  She agreed, and said Dad was now sleeping with his feet elevated. She told me she had just finished talking to my Mom.

I called Mom to compare notes, asking if she knew if Dad's Angel Aide was working today. Mom did not know, and I did not call.  I had limited time with the boys and wanted to continue to soak them in as much as possible.  Later, when I am home, and miss them, these precious moments are what console me.

I can call tomorrow when I am driving home.  I can talk with Dad and see if he remembers it.

I took a four hour nap today after the boys left to attend a birthday party.  I needed it.  These two little boys have more energy and quicksilver, nano second diversity in how they direct that energy,  and it totally wears me out!  I laugh until my face hurts.  They both have a wonderful sense of humor.  They memorize songs and put on shows for me, mimicking voices like little parrots.

I really have noticed these past two trips to California how exhausting it has become... It may be a combination of the anticipation of visiting with Dad, not knowing how I will find him.  And, no doubt, it is the constant on the go, visiting everyone.  I get very little sleep from staying up late and getting up early trying to squeeze all the time I can with each person.

I better get to sleep.  It is almost 1AM, and I must be up early to make french toast for my grandsons, one more time, before I leave...


Mari said...

I enjoy hearing about the time you spend with the boys. It's important to them and to you.
I'm so glad your Dad wasn't injured. We have to call the Dr when someone falls too, injury or no injury.

Wander to the Wayside said...

I could just cry for you, knowing how it must feel to have to leave those little boys. I'm so lucky that I get to see mine almost every day, but on those rare occasions when several days go by, I will have to call and say tell my daughter 'I have to hear their voices, please'. I know you're taking lots of photos, and will spend many hours looking at them again and again.

Sorry about your dad's fall, and glad he wasn't hurt. I don't know how many calls I got to come to the nursing home because my dad got very aggressive during his shower time, swinging with all his might at whoever was there. They did everything they could to preserve his dignity and privacy while still tending to business, but I'm sure it must be THE final indignity, having someone else bathe you and wipe your butt. As for falling, they put a seat belt on my dad so he couldn't stand up unless he was in physical therapy, because he would forget that he couldn't walk!

Anyway, again, I hope youhave a safe trip home.

Donna B. said...

Hi was so good spending time with them, but I was so very tired. It went by so fast...I miss them already. I was so grateful Dad was not seriously hurt. He even laughed about it when he told me.

Hi Wander...Don't get me started!! I miss them more than words can express. I miss my daughters too...I always feel like I leave my heart behind when I come back home.
Dad was in good spirits today when I spoke with him on my way back home. He was so happy with his Doctor Doctor (the name he has given his Aide).

Natasha said...

My boys are 6 and 4, and your description of time with them is spot on. Grandsons are the best gifts that a daughter could give her mother - hours of pleasure, but that exhaustion too!