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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Taco Ready steak burrito with a bag of spicy carrots...

Today, my youngest brother, dressed in his rock guitar tee shirt, sunglasses and new spiky hair cut, went to visit Dad. Course, he never goes empty handed. He brought Dad a Taco Ready steak burrito with a bag of spicy carrots. Since Dad's hands were still swollen, my brother almost lost a finger feeding it to Dad! How Dad LOVES Taco Ready!!!

Normally, that would be a meal in itself for most folks, but not Dad. His lunch arrived, and my brother fed all that to him too... PLUS ice cream. He brought Dad 3 more Palmeria flowers in a zip lock baggie. Dad enjoyed my brother opening and shutting the bag for him so he could take in the beautiful scent of the flowers.

Dad has a silver fox crew cut goin' on...thanks to the pic my brother sent via his cell phone. Most of his darker gray is gone and just a "snowy cap" is left. He told "Pops" to pose for me so I could see his new hair cut. Dad has a big smile on his face. My brother told Dad it was too bad they did not have any styling gel, so he could "spike" his hair for the picture. Dad laughed and told his son he wanted to look "cool" like he did.

My brother made me laugh when he told me how next time he is bringing his "buzzer" to trim Dad's eyebrows. He told me how "unorganized" they were so he combed and styled them for Dad.

Dad also enjoyed the Orange Tropical chewing gum my brother brought, not to counteract the scent of the Plumeria flowers...(no doubt), he thinks of everything!

He read Dad from his Daily Bread and showed him pictures of his dogs. Dad loves animals, so I know how much he must have enjoyed that. They did some praying together and when Dad began talking about the "good and the bad angels", he reminded Dad to only be concerned with the good ones...

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