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Monday, August 3, 2009

Dad just needed to see his sons.. for August 2, 2009

For some reason, my blog for the 1st did not publish... so the dates are messed up... I will put the correct dates on the one that did not publish correctly. Last night I hit the sheets at 9 PM and was too pooped to write the blog, so I will put dates on that one as well...

Yesterday, Mom and my second oldest brother went to visit Dad. As they were driving into the parking lot of the psych ward, my youngest brother was walking out. My youngest brother told them he had walked Dad in the hallways and taken him out on the cigarette butt strewn patio for some visiting and conversation. He also told them one of the attendants had been feeding Dad his lunch when he arrived, and said he had watched him as he fed Dad. The attendant was treating Dad as tenderly as he would if Dad had been his Father... That really impressed my youngest brother, and made him feel a lot better with Dad being in there... Dad had also eaten his breakfast and taken his medication.

When Mom and my second oldest brother went in, they found Dad napping. He woke up and was so excited to see my brother!!! Dad just lit up. Dad was obviously thrilled with his visit with his youngest son, and told them all about it.

Mom discovered Dad's move to another room, so the nurses could keep an eye on him, had been done without moving his personal belongings. She told a nurse who was very upset by her discovery, and they set out to find all his stuff. When she returned, Mom and my brother basically listened, while Dad talked, and devoured the snacks they brought him. My brother bought macaroons and Mom brought him the spicy Doritos Dad just loves.

Dad went on and on with everything from the yacht they used to have back in Connecticut, to his battle days in the Marines with all his buddies. His favorite word these days seems to be repetitive in reference to his constant and steady trips to the restroom. I must remind him, that as long as he is doing that he is healthy... when he stops doing it, he is preparing to see the Lord.

Mom told him about my sister being sick and me coming out in a couple of weeks. Of course, he was worried about his daughter being ill, and looked forward to seeing me.

I had another great, but exhausting day with my daughters. We went to Lone Star for lunch (we slept through breakfast due to late night casino hopping the night before) and then each of us checked off our personal shopping lists at Target and Ross. My oldest daughter was busy finding school clothes for my grandsons, and my youngest was finding bargains for new clothes.

My oldest daughter showed me this charger/player so I can listen to my iPod in the car. We found one on sale and I got it. That will be perfect for me next time I travel to California in a few weeks.

One more day with my girls... then they drive back early Tuesday morning. Bummer...

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