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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A little piece of heaven...

My youngest brother just called and told me what a great visit he had with "Pops" (that's what he calls Dad). On his last visit with Dad he had told Dad about the Plumeria flower and Dad was not familiar with them. He had told Dad they were very popular in Hawaii and women wear them behind their right ear if they are looking for a man, and behind their left ear if they are taken.

He had a discussion with some of his friends about it as well, and one of my brother's good friends had such a bush, and bought him a starter plant. My brother had planted it and it began blooming like crazy, so he brought one in for Dad.

When he reminded Dad of the flower and then handed it to Dad to smell. Dad gave my brother a huge, bright smile after taking in a long sniff of the fragrance. Dad repeatedly brought it up to his nose and enjoyed the wonderful aroma, smiling bigger each time. He told Dad, "Hey Pops, that's a little piece of heaven right there," and Dad obviously agreed.

As my brother read some verses from Dad's bible to him, he stopped and asked Dad if he would like some gum. Dad really likes Altoids Cinnamon gum that come in a tin. My second to the youngest brother got Dad started on it. This time, my brother offered a spearmint type. Dad took a bite and his eyes just lit up with the fresh, minty, explosion of flavor in his mouth.

They had a discussion about good versus evil. Dad seemed preoccupied with the evil and my brother quickly reminded him "if Dad has God in his heart, evil does not stand a chance". My brother told Dad how he knew how loving Dad is. Dad tried to apologise for the past and not spending enough time with him, and my brother told him one apology was enough. He did not have to apologize ever again. It is forgiven. God knew how loving Dad was and holds him close to His heart. That brought another big happy smile to Dad's face.

He told Dad how much he loved him and got a "whisker rub" from Dad. He left the sweet smelling flower on the bed stand beside Dad's bed, along with a pack of gum. Sounds like a great visit. My brother always goes to visit Dad with positive energy and looks for only the upbeat. I think that is a great plan when visiting Dad...

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