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Sunday, September 13, 2009

We have to live with what we have...

My sister made a DVD for Dad with all our pictures, labeling our names underneath and set to the song When You Love Someone by Bryan Adams. She took it to Dad today when she went to visit him. She brought him a Pomegranate/berry smoothie and an order of churros. Before she could insert the DVD in the player on his TV, and push play, he had polished off the churros.

He watched it with my sister observing Dad while he watched the DVD. She said the only two comments he made were "Aaaahhhhhhhh" when he saw my two grandsons, and when he saw my youngest daughter's picture, he said her name. One never knows when the carousel of thoughts and words inside Dad's brain, will stop and what will come out of his mouth...

Dad talked and my sister dutifully listened. She felt he was focused on "C" words, like, centuries, continued, carried forth, competition, constant and costs, to name a few. He also mentioned the word mayonnaise, out of context, three times. All the while Dad spoke to her, he kept his eyes closed. We think that means he is concentrating.

My sister wrote down some of his rambling statements:

"Depends on all of us to look at it under the eye. It is truly remarkable. Mom and I can see it in the boys. The Holy Spirit showing magnification of where people have worked so hard."

"You have to live with what you have."

"The on-going thing today is like any other day. We will have to take it as it is. Holy and natural. We will not bend over for the costs. The situation now is when we can smell the stink. It isn't going to change. We have something to live up to in millions of years of costs. Universal means centuries".

"I love it when the Dodgers win" (a big smile followed as he watched the Angels on the TV)
"Trying to keep up with the Angels."

"Mom and I are wealthy".

No doubt, his last statement, relates to our family. We are so Blessed to have the family we do.

My sister and I wondered if while in Rehab, the techs show Dad words beginning with "C". Maybe he fixates on sounds, or words he heard on the TV during the is very difficult to figure it all out...

Dad was never a man who liked to talk to hear himself speak. He always had a purpose and a reason when he decided to speak with us. When he speaks to me and does not make sense, I let my mind go back in time, and remember the wisdom he taught us or the conversations we had.

My sister summed up her visit by saying she, for some crazy reason, was comforted that Dad no longer discusses going home, getting out, not wanting to take his medication, or negative comments about the staff. She thought he felt content and relaxed.

She stared at him for a long period while he faced her with his eyes closed, and she realized he is going to be 89 in two months. Dad does not have any wrinkles on his face. His skin looks and feels very smooth. Dad seemed so peaceful and she was grateful for the pleasant visit.

She is going to mail each of us our copy of the video she made for Dad, (minus the labeling of who is who). I look forward to getting in the mail and watching it, over, and over...

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