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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Talent, Injuries, Cuteness and Challenges...

This is the card and envelope my sweet Sister
made for me for my birthday...

These are $1.00 flip flops from Michael's,
that my talented Sister adorned
with paper flowers she made.
She made me a pair
and sent them to me.

She has many instructional videos
on her blog:
if you wish to learn how
to make the flowers
or some cards.

I burnt my middle finger
of my right hand
 on our new
toaster oven last Friday.
That wad of gauze gets in the way
in a major way
when I type...

Here is my precious little girlie dog,
sitting patiently
by my chair
waiting for me
to finish her photo shoot
so I will pick her up
and pet her in my lap...

This is Izzy's fake smile
when I ask her to smile
for the camera....

This is my messy desk
where I write on my blog
I need a make over desperately
I need to make it
way more inspirational.
I have a very talented blogger friend
who is going to
give me some ideas.
I will keep you posted...


Melanie said...

What a very talented sister you have. I will have to pay her a visit!!

So sorry about your finger! I hope it will be feeling better soon.

Izzabella is absolutely adorable-fake smile and all!!! :)

Jeanie said...

It looks like Izzy's hair has grown out a lot. She is looking very cute and I love her smile.
Love the flip-flops and card also. I hope you had a great birthday.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That was nice of your sister.
And sorry about the toaster. Can't trust those cheap appliances.

Mari said...

I subscribe to your sisters blog and see all the wonderful things she makes. She is so talented!
I love the pictures of Izzy, especially that fake smile!
Hope your poor finger gets better quick!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Cute flip flops! Hope you heal quickly.

betty said...

I loved Izzy's fake smile; I think she is adorable!! these poor dogs of ours when we take their pictures and you know they would rather avoid the flash if at all possible

I like your computer area where you blog. It looks comfy and homey!

your sister is very talented indeed! I like how she "dressed" up those flip-flops; they look great!!

ouch on your finger!! that would definitely get in the way of typing; hope it heals quickly!



A wonderful post and pics to match, hope your finger improves.


Jo said...

I love Izzy's smile...!

I haven't had time to visit my favorite bloggers lately, so I have missed a lot. Happy Belated Birthday. Your sister must be such a joy to you. :-)

I hope your finger is better soon. It look sore...!

Donna said...

Oweee! burns are so painful. Hope you heal fast. Love the Izzy pictures, especially the smile.

Gill_Ruth said...

Hope your finger is healing well now. Your sister is very skilled, I especially love the flipflops.

Best wishes, Gill

Beth Zimmerman said...

The sandals are adorable!

Praying your burn heals quickly! Not much that hurts worse than a burn.

Izzy is a cutie pie!

Are you wanting to redesign your blog or the area around your computer? I do most of my blogging at my work office. The one at home needs some SERIOUS work! It was on my summer bucket list of things to do but I'm dubious!