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Friday, July 23, 2010

The Navy, The Marines, A Movie, And An Appointment For A CT SCAN...

I called the nursing home this morning to see if Dad's primary care physician had been to see him this past week, as he told me he would.  The charge nurse told me the doctor had not been to see Dad, but she usually sees him on Fridays, so maybe he would come today.

I sent the doctor a brief email, as a follow up, and asked him to please contact me after he saw Dad.  I reminded him again, if possible, how much I would appreciate Dad's scan to be scheduled on Monday, August 2nd, when I am in California.

I called Mom to fill her in, as well as writing an email to the family.  Mom told me she was going to visit Dad today, but was concerned about his foot wounds.  We discussed her talking to his skin/wound care nurse.  The last time Mom visited, the skin care nurse advised us taking Dad back to his vascular surgeon as she is very concerned about the poor circulation in both his legs.

The few times I took Dad to see his vascular surgeon, he emphasized repeatedly to have Dad wear his compression stockings.  He told me to make sure Dad put them on before stepping foot out of bed in the morning, and removing them when he was going to bed for the night. I know if we took Dad, the first question out of the vascular surgeon's mouth would be to ask if Dad is wearing his stockings.  If we tell him we are not making Dad where them, I doubt he will have much sympathy.

Mom went to visit Dad and found him sitting with the "hand holding" gentlemen at a table in the lunch room.  Dad had his eyes closed. When Mom sat down and greeted them, Dad smiled, but kept his eyes closed.  He told her he has to keep his eyes closed because he doesn't want to look at the young girls with such longing...

Several of the staff, including Doctor-Doctor came to visit and chat with Mom.  Mom pulled her aside and slipped $40 into her smock pocket, to make up for us canceling Dad's last CT Scan, where she had planned to ride with Dad in the transport van.  Doctor-Doctor tried to refuse it, but Mom insisted.  She told Mom she would buy things for Dad with it.  Mom told her it was for HER!

The CNA brought Dad a glass of Ensure, which he downed quickly.  Shortly after his lunch of fish sticks, tartar sauce, spinach, baked french fries, whole wheat bread, butter, milk, coffee and ice cream was served.  Possibly he was full from the Ensure because he did not want his lunch.  He told Mom he had too much to do and was going to work in the garden in back...

Mom told him the nurses would not let him work so hard if he did not eat properly and have the energy.  He still refused and wanted nothing else to eat.  When I spoke with the charge nurse this morning, she told me Dad had to be persuaded to eat more of his breakfast.

Dad's friend at the table was a gunner on a Navy ship in the South Pacific. Mom said he and Dad were having some conversation.  Dad told Mom his friend was a fellow Marine.  The gentleman spoke up and corrected Dad, reminding him he was in the Navy, and he helped haul the Marines to wherever they wanted to go.

Dad shut his eyes again.  Mom asked if he was tired and wanted to return to his room.  Dad let her know the staff would take care of him.  Mom told him she was going to leave and he asked her why, still keeping his eyes closed. Mom explained my brother had painted her craft room and she was busy sorting and putting everything back in the room.  Dad simply told her good bye and seemed aloof.

I got a call around 4pm from the nursing home, informing me Dad's physician had been in to see him and written orders for the CT SCAN.  She asked what time would be convenient for the scan, 7:30 am or 12:30 pm.  I figured Dad would have a chance to eat some breakfast if he had the later appointment, so that is what we settled upon.

I let her know we would request Doctor-Doctor to go with Dad in the transport van and asked her to let the scheduling lady know.  She told me she would.

I called Doctor-Doctor and she told me she would be glad to.  She would check with her supervisor the next day and check her schedule.  She told me she would call me back, once she found out if she was scheduled off or not.

I had a relaxing  and productive day today.  My neighbor and I went to Panera Bread for lunch and she suggested the Fuji Pear Chicken Salad.  It was delicious! Afterward, we planned on seeing KARATE KID, but when we got to the theatre, we were told it was no longer showing.  So we got back in the car and went to another theatre and saw TOY STORY 3.  It was a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!  I even cried.


Rose said...

listening to you describing your Dad's situation, there is no doubt that are a good advocate for him. sometimes when people go into a nursing home,it can be easy to just go with the flow. hope the c.t. scan gives more info re your Dad

Mari said...

You're making progress - and it even got scheduled on the day you wanted! Hooray!

septembermom said...

I'm just picturing the conversation back and forth about the marines and the navy. I'm glad to hear that your dad has a buddy with him. You show how important it is to keep on top of the health care providers in a loved one's life. You give us all much guidance should we be in this situation at some point.

I want to take my kids to Toy Story. I know that I'll love it too!

Betty W said...

I´ve heard really good reviews of Toy story 3. I guess I should see it too.
Glad everything went smoothly for once, with scheduling your dad´s appointment.