This blog was formerly dedicated in 2009 to my Dad who died of Alzheimer's in 2013. It's been three years now...and I find myself missing I am re-inventing my blog... because, after all, life is about moving through, and going forward...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hold onto your hats....

The winds were suppose to be over yesterday...they blew so hard today. our house was howling!  The pet door hummed, and the vents on the roof clapped and rattled.  It sounded like the entire house would rise into the air and take off like Dorthy's house in Kansas, blowing her into her dream of Oz...

I HAD to take Izzy for a walk.  Due to the winds we have not been out in two days.  She has been doing full speed laps in the house and I am afraid she will smack into some furniture and knock herself out!  She is absolutely wild!  Yesterday, she was so bad, she spent more of the day in her crate for "time out" than she did being loose in the house...

She ate the heel of one of my NEW tennis shoes.  I wonder if I could take the mate to the dressy black heels she chewed a couple months ago, and the mate to the heel-less tennis shoe, to start a new fashion statement...

I had been totally preoccupied in our master closet, on the step stool, pulling down items to get rid of.. A moment ago she had been playing with her Kong toy, which now lay beside the step stool...  I needed a break anyway, and she sure needed to burn off some energy...

When I walked into the family room, there she lay, with the heel of my tennis shoe hanging from her mouth. The look on her face was total shock  She KNEW she was in WHY does she still do it??!!!! SHE HAS THIS THING with shoes and paper!!! 

I can hear Ceasar Millan asking how often and how long do I walk her...instead, I put her in her crate for a tme out while I calmed myself down...

I wrapped a scarf around my neck,.tightly, (no, not for the reason you think...things aren't THAT bad...) to pull it up to cover my mouth and nose, when we went outside.  I put on my vest and hooded jacket.  As I opened the door, the wind raced up the walk way to our front door and raced away, sucking the door handle out of my hand and slamming the door shut. Izzy stood there in her red parka, looking up at me, hoping I had not changed my mind...

Opening it again, holding my back to it to get us outside, I struggled getting my house keys out of my pocket,  as I was as bundled up like a child sent out to play in the snow.  No one in their right mind was out...only us. Normally, I stay out of the wind, due to getting sinus infections from it...but I was desperate and running out of shoes...

As we braved the storm, my thoughts wandered, as they often do on our walks...and I began thinking about a simple life. Not too simple mind you, because I doubt I could survive without my computer...but one where there was less hustle bustle, and less preoccupation wth stuff... I would love to be able to fit into a small home with just some comfortable furniture and a few personal things...

My husband's favorite movie is IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE.  My favorite part is when Jimmy Stewart is lending money to people who need it., with only their word and a shake of his hand.   Boy, those days are sure long gone, aren't they?

My goal is to really scale down our posessions and once we move, I don't want to allow myself to collect and gather, like I have... The simple life is so much better...

My throat is scratchy and raw from coughing all day from being out in the winds.  This wind fires up my allergies.  I won't be surprised if I lose my voice...I have been looking forward to lunching with one of my friends tomorrow...guess I will take the opportunity to simply be a good listener...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Self Reminders...

Today...I need to tap into my humor and remember,
this too,
shall pass....

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dear Friends...

I just wanted to thank everyone who follows this blog, who contribute with their support, words of wisdom and shared stories.  I always knew I wanted to have a blog, but I was totally unprepared for the wonderful gifts of so many new aquaintances and friends.

There is so much to learn each day, and seeing our shared world through each of your eyes has truly been a wonderful, eye opening, Blessed experience. 

I wish  you all the very best and Bless you all good health, happiness and success in all you are seeking.

Thank you all so very much.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

All about our Scrappin weekend and photos are posted...

 OK, everyone.  Go to March 19th post and read through to March 22nd.
Everything is posted...

Thursday, March 25, 2010


The nursing home called this afternoon to let me know Dad is doing well, but had scratched his left ear and it was bleeding.  Their plan is to clean it daily with saline solution and to put antibacterial ointment on it to heal.

Mom got the paperwork from Medi-Cal to re-apply.  Guess it has to be done annually.  I told Mom to call the front office of the nursing home.  I felt certain, since the nursing home is his home now, they could help expedite the paperwork for her.  Mom gets freaked out when she has to have Dad sign anything, because he gets so confused and writes everything but his name...often making an X.


I have Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday's posts in the hopper, but can't publish until I get everyone's permission to post their pictures...just waiting to hear from my sister...(and she hates pictures taken of her...)
So when I post them, go backwards on the dates back to last Friday...March 19th and then go forward, so you can see and read about our weekend...


Today I discovered if I rub Bounce dryer sheets all over
on Izzy's coat, 
she smells so very delicious!

Went to the Dentist today.
Since I had a loose bridge.
Turns out I did not get in fast enough,
And the tooth, which had a previous root canal,
Is decayed to the gum line...
He told me it had to be pulled,
but he had no time to do it...
But he had the time to work up estimates for me:
Implants - my cost $7,385.00
new bridge - my cost $1800
He would not consent to 
Make me a snap in and out type bridge.
I scheduled a 2nd opinion
Next Tuesday,
With a different Dentist...
Meanwhile, I have a gaping space on
My lower right side
with a exposed dead root hole
that I have to keep food out of,
and HAVE to chew
only on my left side!
Well, this may be just what I need

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mom and Dad...

Mom went to visit Dad after she got off work.  He was being cleaned up and dressed when she arrived.  Dad was asking for Doctor-Doctor (his Angel) and Mom told him she needed a day off.  Dad agreed.  Dad was laughing happily as the aide rolled him back and forth from side to side, as he got Dad dressed.

Mom wheeled Dad out onto the patio.  She said it was a beautiful, sunny day and it was very peaceful.  Dad rambled on about negative and dangerous things, then suddenly asked Mom about my second oldest brother's jewelry store.  Dad had asked Mom this the last time she came to visit.  Dad thought their son was very smart to have that kind of business.  Dad went on to say how much he enjoyed watching TV at night.  Mom realized that Dad may be referring to a jewelry store advertisement and the name of the business is the same name as my brother...she asked Dad if he had seen the advertisement on TV and Dad confirmed that he had.

Dad admired Mom and told her several times how beautiful she was.  I guess he made some sexual comments to her, which Mom would not repeat or answer.  She felt embarrassed.  Mom said Dad laughed wildly.  She changed the subject the best she could...

About a half hour later, Dad was beginning to close his eyes and fall asleep.  Mom asked if he was tired and wanted to go to his bed to rest.  Dad agreed, so she wheeled him in and the Aide helped Dad into bed, getting him all comfy cozy.

Dad asked Mom for some gum.  She didn't have any, but promised to bring some to him next time.  She got him a full pitcher of ice cold water and poured him a glass.  He drank it down and thanked her.  Mom asked if he has been drinking his water, and he reported he wasn't.  She reminded him to drink lots of water to avoid urinary tract infections.  Dad looked at her and smiled his biggest smile.  I'm sure he knew on some level how Mom was looking out for him. 

Mom said Dad would probably not pour his own water as his hands are very shaky.  She kissed Dad good bye and left as he dozed off to dream...

When Mom got home, she found Medi-Cal paperwork.  Apparently we have to re-apply each year.  Mom was surprised, as we all were.  We were not told that last June.  Mom still has not received her refund from the deposit she paid the first month we applied!  Mom said she was copying everything again, so my brother (with the fantasy jewelry store) can submit the paperwork again.

While Mom was here in Nevada, the same brother and his wife, surprised Mom by painting her entire living room, donating her old couch and bringing in a new love seat and couch for her.  What a thrilling surprise for her...

Stay tuned...will be posting pics and posts from our weekend soon...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Giggles and Puddles... Boo hoo...Bye Bye...

Amazingly, Mom was the last to get up this morning...
cracked my sister and I up!
We loaded up my sister's car,
 making sure we did not forget anything.

My sister and Mom followed me
as I drove us down to the Landing,
a restaurant by the Executive Airport in Henderson.
We arrived first and sat and ordered some coffee,
enjoying the early morning flight preparations.
We wondered what famous and rich people's planes
were parked there...

(Those white spots are sun glare through the window)

When our red headed girlfriend from California and our co-host
joined us,
we all agreed how much the weekend was.
We all  felt sleep deprived, to prove it!

Mom, my sister and I all joked and told the gals
 we had planned to wear the same clothes from last night
and tell them we had come straight from the casino...

Our two co-horts began laughing
and shared their latest adventure from last night...
One of the projects they had planned,
and had ran out of time to do,
was the making of the phrase:
in vinyl letters from the red head's Cricut machine.
Our co-host wanted it measured
and placed high on her livingroom wall...
(I know you women out there can understand,
when we women have something we feel dialed in to do,
 DOING IT becomes imperative and top priority...)

So these two crazy gals, decided, despite being dead tired, 
to take a quick cat nap,
and then stay up as late as necessary,
to get the job done.
(After the weekend we had,
 an hour's cat nap,
 does NOT constitute rest,
by any stretch of the imagination!)

While the red head stood on the couch cushions,
holding the yard stick with one hand,
and a section of the lettering with her other,
our co-host proceeded to strattle her,
to reach to the other side of the wall while,
 intently focused on securing the letters.

As our co-host begans to cross behind the red head's butt,
our co-host starts to lose her balance,
and lets go of the lettering,
leaving it hanging precariously half off the wall...

Instantly, our red headed girlfriend, 
being a die-hard-get-it-done-above-all-costs-type-woman,
did what any self respecting woman of this caliber would do...
She leaned forward,
(sticking her butt out in the process,)
to hold the slipping letters with her chin...

Her sudden movement knocked our co-host off the couch,
onto the floor, where she convulses into a fit of laughter....
leaving our red head holding up everything!

 The red head began to giggle...

The red head tries to speak, asking for help...but instead, 
giggles harder, and begins to lose control...

Meanwhile, our dear co-host,
(the red head's BEST FRIEND),
has launched into
an exhausted-but-refusing-to-give-in-to-deralict-type-lack-of-consciousness,
hysterical laughter, 
and leaves her best friend, literally hanging,
as she runs to the bathroom!

By this time, the red head has giggled herself
 into hysterics and collapses onto the couch...

To protect their privacy, suffice it to say,
this story, from this day forward, will be referred to as,
"Giggles and Puddles"

The red head from California, our co-host and Mom...

We all caused quite a commtion with our
hearty, boisterous bursts of loud, tear filled laughter.
The faces in the restaurant, kind of looked upon us,
like the onlookers observing Meg Ryan in,
When Harry Met Sally...

We finished up our breakfast and took turns with our potty breaks...
(I thought this picture was too dark, so edited it to make it lighter...
only to discover,
Mom was sticking out her tongue!

I wonder now if it was due to her not wanting to leave...
or not being able to gamble anymore???

After hugs and kisses,
our boo hoos and bye byes,
Mom, my sister and the red head left
to drive back to California,
our creative co-host left for work,
and I drove back home.
I collected all the sheets, towels
and tossed them in the washing machine. 

I took Izzy to the Groomers
to apologize in person to the owner
for raising such a stink
with Izzy's shaved fur-do last Thursday...
The owner was very gracious
and will not ban me from the shop.
She even invited me to come in on
Sundays and Mondays, in between cuts
to wash Izzy myself...

She allowed me to select a couple of
doggie treats
"on the house" for Izzy.
She told me she thought Izzy
had some Norwich Terrier in her
due to the black eyeliner around her eyes.

Izzy and I went down to the District,
Shopping area by Green Valley Ranch )
(which is dog friendly)
and walked around window shopping.
She was happy to have
some one on one time with me
since she spent most of the weekend
outside in her dog house.
 My husband stayed home to dog sit
and I guess,
she felt more comfortable outside.
When my husband was out for awhile,
she was in her crate.
She did not eat any of her food
 the entire weekend,
except for the dog bones she had while in her crate.
I had cleaned up
all her poops prior to the girls arrival,
and after they left,
there was not one poop pile
 in the backyard!

I was relieved (and so was she)
while walking her at the District...
I was starting to worry she was plugged up!
It was a gorgeous day
and I was in no hurry
 to go back to our empty, quiet, house...

Early afternoon,
after purchasing some Bully Bones
for Izzy
at the Flea Bags Barkery and Bowtique,
we headed back home
and took a nap...

Boo Hoo...Bye Bye, until the next time...
what a FANTASTIC weekend!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Target. Zip-lock omelets, Trip to Michaels, Chili Reyano, and more Gambling...

Sunday morning we were up and left the house fairly early, (considering our late hours...) my sister and I dropped off Mom (so she could have HER COFFEE) at our co-host's home, while she and I made a quick trip to Target.  My sister lent me her torquoise hoody she bought there, and I wanted to get one.  We found the hoodies, which luckily were on sale!  We each purchased a navy blue one also.

My sister found some glass lanterns in the dollar bins (buying extra for the other crafty gals), with visions of creativity in mind. We made our purchases and were in and out and on our way back to meet up with the girls.  Our breakfast was our co-hot's famous zip lock omelets.  We put our eggs in a zip lock baggie, shake it up, put all our ingredients in the baggie, squeeze out the extra air, and boil.  Voila!  They were yummy!

Mom, me, my sister and our cooking co-host..
(That's watermelon my sis is forking into her mouth,
and our zip lock omelets on the plate...)

Right after breakfast, we were back to our computer sister was still working on retrieving all her photos and music.  Everyone had a project and would share and keep working...
After awhile, we needed a break so we decided a trip down to Michael's Craft Store was in order...

My red headed girlfriend from California
 perusing craft magazines...
always on the prowl to learn and teach...

Our creative co-host selecting items
for one of her many, many projects...(this gal is amazing!)

My sister and Mom in the 50 cent and dollar bins...
we LOVE those bargains!!

Did I show you the little candy treat
my sister made as a "Thank You" gift
for our co-host and I?
(Yes, she is my talented sister :}  )

Cheery flowers in the flower section, that caught my eye...

Random silliness...typical of our co-host and dear friend...

End results of our trip to Michael's and another trip to Target...

All invigorated with our heads popping and exploding wth ideas and shared creative thoughts, we all dove back into our lap tops, buzzing with excitement, laughing at wise cracks and of course, grazing on more food...

My co-host, is famous for the DVD videos she creates (and whips out at lightning speed)...showed us the one she did on her daughter's recent wedding...the music and photos are always perfect,
which always pull at your heart strings..(sniff, sniff)
Her daughter is so beautiful...

Since they were all leaving tomorrow morning, Mom made sure my sister and I knew she needed
some more time on the machines...
(we, being dutiful daughters of exceptional devotion, were willing to make the supreme sacrifice for her gambling pleasures...)

We had all planned to go out to dinner, but our co-host whipped up a fantastic Taco Salad and Chili Rellenos that knocked our socks off!!  D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!!

When everything was tidied up, Mom, my sister and I left for Green Valley Ranch Casino to satisfy Mom's lust for living and squeezing out every last ounce of energy we had left...
We all three played the same machines, with Mom's money, (because we lost all our's) 
and while laughing ourselves silly,
Mom won AGAIN!!!!

I think we got home around 2am...dragging Mom (who let me remind everyone is 82)
 and who SHOULD have been more tired than we were,
had a mantra of "Oh, this machine looks fun..."
My sister and I had been talking all weekend
of just sitting in my jacuzzi, relaxing with some wine, and talking...
FAT CHANCE that was going to happen!

Mom pulled the coup de gras, when we were on either side of her,
just about to finally usher her out the door...
"Oh Look!  a John Wayne machine! 
we HAVE to play that one for your Father..."

My sister and I look at one another incredulously, and say in unison,
"I can't believe you are playing the DAD CARD!!"
We ended up playing it and having the most fun of the night...
we laughed until we were wheezing! 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A change in our plans...

Saturday, Mom read her book and drank coffee while my sister and I took Izzy for a walk.  We had a big day planned, and were anxious to get started...

When we arrived at the other co-host's home, the other two gals were still in their pj's drinking coffee, munching on bagels and fruit salad. Of course they were working hard on their laptops. One was doing a page of one of our photos and the other was working on a photograph of her grand daughter.  She had made an image of her grand daughter's face, and transformed it into a brush so she could stamp it as a background behind her photograph.

Everyone was kind of dragging and anxious to start some projects, so we all decided to hold off going to Bellagio and City Center until later.  My sister opened her laptop to discover she had some how, lost all her photographs and her iTunes account!!

Two of us helped her retrieve the photographs.  Mom was reading her book since she could not find her laptop and came without it. She took a few naps as well, storing her energy level, because she wanted to hit the casinos again!!

Our hostess showed us some cute pillows she made for her grand kids for Easter.  We watched a video demonstration of how to make the pillow.  Everyone but Mom and I planned on making some.
Everyone was enjoying doing their own thing, interacting, joking around, various conversations and of course, laughter, lots and lots of laughter...

When we were all blurry eyed and starving, we piled in the car and drove to Applebees for some dinner. After all, we needed some energy to keep up with Mom to go gambling again!
Everyone wanted to return to the M Resort, so off we went.
A good time was had by all.  Some of the girls won, but I lost all my winnings from the night before.
We have the best time all playing one machine.  We scream, whoop and holler when we hit a good jackpot.  We really had so much fun.  Mom just goes crazy at those slot machines...AND SHE WINS!!!

Some where around midnight, we gathered everyone up and piled back in the car.  We were so tired, we just left our computers at our hosts house and I drove us back to my house.

I had cranked up the spa for us to enjoy and relax... but we got home so late, we were too tired to go in... 

Friday, March 19, 2010

Tagged picture in response to Debra at She Who Seeks...(DOUBLE POST TODAY)

tagged me with this photo tag game
This shot is entitled "3 Butt Salute"
It was taken 7-12-2008 at our
First Digital Scrappin weekend.
My Mom has said something we did not like,
so all three of us simutaneously, bent over, and gave her
"The 3 Butt Salute"
which cracked everyone up,
including Mom.

I am to pass this along to 5 other bloggers
and to instruct them to:
Go to their first picture file
Count off to the 10th picture
and send it out...

So I am tagging:

Marylinn at
Jeannette at
Linda at

Gelatos, Eye Brow Threading, Books, Gambling, Chicken Soup & Raspberry Beer.......

The girls arrived at my house a little after 11am.  I took a picture of them when they arrived at the door. (We usually have two more gals that join us, but they had other plans and could not attend...WE MISS YOU GUYS!!!)  I do a wet board listing the weekend's events, when our co-host does it, she goes all out with photos and witty sayings.

We snacked on salsa and Trader Joe Identity Crisis chips (with corn, potato and brown rice) while I popped the garlic toast in the oven and served the salad...

The girls and my husband, all voted and decided Izzy's new summer "do"  is NOT cut too short and I should not complain the groomer took off too much fur.  Too late, I already complained.  Basically, I was in shock. I will have to go in Monday morning, eat total crow, and apologize.

After we finished lunch, I drove us down to Town Square, where we met our other girlfriend (our co-host) at Whole Foods.  After hugging and smooching our 5th cohort for the weekend, we each selected our favorite flavor of Gelato, chatting and walking through the store.  My sister and I broke off and were searching for some Raspberry Beer called Framboise Lambic Belgian Beer.  We found with the help from one of the Whole Foods liquor employees.  He suggested getting the chocolate beer to float over the top (we ended up not liking the chocolate.  It dialed down the delicious raspberry taste of the Framboise)...

Another one of the gals needed some Burt's Bees Spritzer for her face. Mom had never been in a Whole Foods before, so she was having a blast exploring.

Afterward, two of the gals broke off to go to the Apple store, while Mom, my sister and I went into the Brighton store so Mom could buy her favorite perfume and lotion.  All three of us LOVE Brighton, so my sister and I had no problem waiting and entertaining ourselves checking out all the baubles.  The sales lady told Mom she was so close to getting a free umbrella and asked if she needed any earrings.  So by the time we left, in addition to what she came in for, she walked out with a HUGE umbrella and another pair of earrings.

The two at the Apple store, met us as we left Brighton.  I asked who wanted to have their brows threaded and everyone wanted to know what it was like.  We walked into the threading salon, Eyeborws R Us, like an invasion... five women and one Cosmetologist.  She was working on a young woman who graciously allowed us to lean over and peer over the Threader's shoulder to observe the technique.

The Cosmetologist was middle eastern and from Manhattan.  She told us it took thirty years to learn how to thread.  Middle Eastern women thread their arms and entire faces, so they learn to be very proficient.  It takes experience, otherwise you can cut the skin if one does not have the experience.  When she finished the young gal, I sat down and in less than ten minutes she has finished shaping and removing all excess hair on my eyebrows and upper lip.  She told me I would not need to have it repeated for three months!

Everyone had something done and we all agreed we would definitely do it again!  The owner took a group shot of us outside the shop.

From there, we checked out the Hello Kitty store and then shopped and bought books in Borders.  Mom was anxious to gamble, so our next stop was at the M Resort.  We spent a few hours there playing penny machines.  Mom won, but put all her winnings back into the machine.  My sister and I won and printed out our winning tickets and cashed them in after we finished, so we left with money in our purses.

We were all starving at this point, as it was almost 8pm.  We drove back to our other girlfriend, who is the other co-host of our Nevada weekend.  She had a delicious home made chicken soup in the crock pot.  What gave it so much flavor, was the rind of one lemon. She also served a yummy salad and scrumptious roasted garlic bread.  After dinner is when we brought out the raspberry beer...ooooh boy was it delicious!!!

Everyone brought out our laptops and we began puttering and sharing.  Our eyelids were beginning to droop from our full day of activities...(or maybe it was the beer) yet, we still made room for ice cream and cake and then decided we would all get some sleep so we could start fresh the next morning...
We were so tired, my sister left her purse behind! (I wonder why?)... she did kinda smell like raspberries...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dad and plans for this weekend...

Am so excited to see my sister, Mom and girlfriends tomorrow.  I will have lunch for them when they arrive, then we had plans to go see the Big Elvis show.  He is an Elvis impersonator that used to weigh 800 pounds.  This man is phenominal and sounds just like, the King.  He has lost weight, without bypass surgery, through hard work, exercise and diet changes.  Unfortunately, he canceled his show this weekend due to March Madness...

So we will go to Town Square, which is an outdoor shopping experience, patterned after a small town. I went to lunch there a couple weeks back to lunch with two blogging buddies.  While visiting there, I discovered an eyebrow threading salon.  I am anxious to have my brows threaded.  My youngest daughter swears by threading, and has the most gorgeous brows I have ever seen.  So I volunteered to be the guinnea pig, to see how it is.  We'll probably hit a casino on our way back to our girlfriend's house for dinner.  My Mom is choppin' at the bit to gamble. 

Saturday, we are off for a day of photo taking at the Bellagio conservatory, and City Centerl; followed by a Wild Life lazor show/dinner at Sam's Town. City Center is the most expensive construction project in the western hemisphere, costing $11+billion dollars. It opened last December.  The City Center complex will feature some of the worlds most renowned sculpture artists, including Maya Lin, Jenny Holzer, Claes Oldenburg, Coosje Van Bruggen, Nancy Rubins, Frank Stella, Henry Moore, and Richard Long.

We should get some interesting photographs...

Sunday, we will exchange photos and work on Digital Scrapping from all the photos we took.  When we finish, we send them to Costco to pick up later on.  Monday morning, we meet for breakfast for our good byes as the girls drive home.

These are the plans we have tentively planned...course that could change, depending how the group is feeling and what everyone feels like doing.
Mom received a phone call from the nursing home...(did not call me...AGAIN) to let her know Dad has another urinary tract infection.  I sent an email to his doctor asking why he has another one so close to the last one, which was in March, or the end of February.  I wonder if it is from not drinking enough water?

I'm tired...better hit the sheets, lots still to do before the girls arrive...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Some days, it's just too sad to bare...

I finally got to speak to Dad.  When the nurse told me she had just put him to bed, trying to get me to call back later.  I got firm and assertive and told her I was tired of being told to continually call back, only to be told to call back again!  I demanded to speak with him. 

When Dad came on the phone, he recognized my voice, but did not understand why I was in Nevada.  He told me these were dangerous times because we were at war.  He told me they had been hitting them pretty hard all during the night...

He told me there had been a big earthquake, and he was right, smack on top of it.  He told me it was very scary.  He was upset at Mom because she had not been to visit him.  He wanted to see his grandkids too...I filled him in on what my grandkids were up to, with their Little League and Karate classes. He asked about my second to the youngest brother's ex wife.  I told him she was fine.  Dad said she was coming to see him; he said he could hear the boys (his grand sons) in the hall way...

I know they weren't there, and it made me sad that he would expect them, and then when they did not appear, he would be upset... He forgets they are divorced...

I attempted to change the subject, and wished him a happy St. Patrick's day. I asked if they had green shamrocks hanging around and if he had seen any Leprecans... I could tell he was smiling, and told me he would look for them...I remember how much he LOVED Mom's cornbeef and cabbage on this day...I sure hope they serve it up today...

I reminded him April Fool's day was coming soon...and asked if he remembered all the pranks he would pull on Mom...He laughed and remembered all the times he would fool her and then find such joy, in telling her, "April Fool!"...

I could tell he was tired, and I really should let him go...but I have missed talking with him...and it has been so very long...

I told him how much I loved him.  I gave him God's Blessing...and wished him a cozy nap...

I miss him so much...some days it's just too sad to bare...

Monday, March 15, 2010

A bit of this and a dash of that...

I went to visit my Orthopedist today, and all my exercising at home has been very successful.  He told me I was 90% improved from my last visit with him.  I told him I walk Izzy with my left hand, and several times she has jerked me into breaking up the frozen shoulder fluids.  He got a kick out of my "dog therapy."  I asked if I could work with some hand weights, and he told me to do whatever I wanted.  I only need to return if I am in pain.  He told me it still may take several more months before I am completely healed.

To remind you, so you don't have to reference back as to why I have a frozen left shoulder, I had a "slip and fall" at one of the local casinos last July.  My left shoulder took the brunt of it.  So hopefully, before we move back to Cali, we can settle this claim...

This weekend, my Mom, sister, and girlfriend come for our quarterly Digital Scrap Booking weekend.  Some of us do Digital Scrap Booking, and others just have fun on our lap tops and we all take a TON of pictures.  We have a full weekend planned, so stay tuned for a full report...we have a lot planned. Really looking forward to a fun weekend!

We have decided we are taking 5 days and going house hunting in Cali the first week in April.  My husband has agreed not to put the house up for sale until we return.  We should know by then how realistic our relocation plans look... Either the houses are selling like hot cakes, or all the Realtors are putting in multiple bids on various houses for each buyer, only to withdraw the ones the buyer does not want.  No WONDER it is so difficult to find a house to buy!!

Meanwhile, I am packing up a storm, and being totally overwhelmed with the amount of CRAP I have accumulated!!  I should hang my head in shame!! I need one of my "neat nick", ruthlessly simplistic, girlfriends to come and help me eliminate stuff.  I am loosing my perspective...H-E-L-P!!

Two of my husband's sons, their wives, another couple, and us went to see Dennis De Young, formerly the lead singer and keyboardist of the band STYX.  He was at the New Orleans Casino with his new band.  Dennis is now 63 years young and you would not believe how zippy and animated on stage he is. His wife of 40 years, who was very attractive and hip looking, works with him as a back up singer. He must do Yoga!  His voice sounds as good as it did back in the 70's and 80's!!  Awesome evening!!

He did many of his big hits, including, Babe, Too Much Time On My Hands, Desert Moon, Lady, Come Sail Away, Don't Let It End, The Best of Times, Mr. Roboto,  and Madam Blue. I have to admit, I had to stuff Kleenex chunks in my ears to prevent deafness from the LOUD music....but it was really wonderful and fun!!

A full tummy, a shower and a spiffy new hair cut for Dad...

Mom went to visit Dad after she got off work this morning.  She found him in the lunch room waiting to be served lunch.  A cute, young CNA was chatting with and paying a lot of attention to Dad.  Mom could see Dad was watching his Angel, Doctor-Doctor's every move, but was also enjoying the attention of the young girl...

Dad's Angel told Mom after my brother visited the other day, Dad became very agitated and was concerned about "danger" befalling his son...he was so worked up, she told Dad she would call him up.  She picked up the phone in Dad's room, pretended to look up the number and then had a one way conversation with herself, pretending to talk to my brother.  When Dad asked how he was, she told Dad, my brother was just fine and was busy at work.  Dad was assured and calmed right down.

The station nurse told Mom that Dad's Angel was off one day, but had come into work to pick up something.  While she was there, the nurses told her Dad would not eat any food, because he thought they were trying to poison him.  She took the time, to find Dad and get him to eat all his food.  What a SAINT this woman is!  How Blessed are we!!

Mom checked his leg and it looks fine.  His ankles were a bit discolored, but no swelling.  Dad was looking very spiffy, fresh from the shower and sporting a new hair cut!

While she was sitting with Dad and visiting with the staff, who always seem to come to chat with Mom, Dad dove into his lunch of beef stroganoff with gravy over noodles, fresh broccoli, rice pudding, green vegetable  jello salad, ice cream and milk.  Dad refused his broccoli, which mystified Mom, as Dad usually LOVES broccoli.  He left some of his noodles too. 

His Angel came in to check on how much he ate.  She asked if he wanted a fruit plate, and of course, anything she suggests, he wants...She returned with a plate with a mound of cottage cheese in the center, surrounded with fresh grapes, watermelon and orange slices.  Dad all but licked the plate!

Mom tried to talk with Dad, but he was saying nonsense words and using same phrases, which he kept repeating over and over.  Mom had never heard him do that before, but chalked it up to being so full and probably tired.

Mom wheeled Dad back to his room, as Dad's Angel walked beside them.  Mom kissed Dad good bye and decided not to confuse him by telling him she will be gone this weekend.  She and my sister and another friend are coming out for our quarterly Digital Scrapbooking weekend.  Mom hugged Angel and thanked her from all of us for all she does for Dad..

I am still trying to talk with Dad...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Who, moi?

I am not 
good at math.
am I
doing the taxes?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Run like the wind...

My youngest brother went to visit Dad yesterday.  Apparently Dad had fallen the night before (I had a message on my unreliable cell phone, which had shut off due to an also faulty charger.  I called this morning and Verizon is sending me yet another replacement phone, new charger and 250 free minutes for my inconvenience)  and cut his right arm on the elbow, but did not hit his head.  They are monitoring him more closely.  Dad is sneaky...he waits til his attendants have their backs turned, thinking there is nothing wrong with his legs, and then he falls.

My brother said Dad told him, he could take anyone in the nursing home in a foot race, barefoot!  My brother marveled at the confidence level and mind set, Dad has.  Despite the fact, he is delusional with his prowess, in his own mind, Dad sees himself "running like the wind"...

My brother videotaped Dad via his cell phone.  He asked Dad about the family and Dad greeted everyone and made special conversations to the grand kids, and great grand kids, who are so very special and dear to him.  Dad would stray off the subject and begin talking about something else, and my brother would bring Dad back to the subject at hand, and remind him gently of the video....

Dad wanted everyone to know how much he loves us and misses us.  I STILL have not been able to talk with him.  My brother thought Dad looked well and was in good spirits.

My brother attempted to send the video through the email, but was unable to get it to until he can figure out how to do that, we must wait.  He said if he had to, he would burn a CD for everyone.  He knows how hard it is for his older brother and myself who live out of state...

Thinking of what Dad had said, I can think back with a smile and remember Dad and I having races on the beach...he did, run like the wind...

Packing, Packing, Packing...

Hello all you wonderful friends out there...just to let you all know, I am up to my belly button with boxes and have begun our packing mission...(no house purchased in Cali yet....but we have faith...)

It is very weird packing just to pack, in order to be READY.  My goals are:

To de-clutter and make for an nicer, more successful showing of our home.
To get my girlfriend to come and "stage" our home for a better showing.
To give myself time to organize what goes in the boxes so I can find it once we move...
To get a jump on the packing, "just in case" our home sells we will be that further ahead and more organized for the big move.

I still need to call some of the Moving Companies and get estimates.
I have made a list of all the utilities to call to cancel or postpone.
I have been putting things aside for donations, one is coming this Thursday.
I am working with two Realtors from California..
I may have to get another Realtor here in Nevada, because the one I thought I would use, is not returning my calls...(which is NOT a good sign).
I am checking the MLS listings every day and still, despite wanting to be in a nicer area, Hemet and Cherry Valley seem to be our only options...

More later...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Pink snowballs and coffee the way he likes it...

Mom went to visit Dad today.  She found him in the lunch room, sitting in his wheel chair, having just finished his lunch.  His Angel (Doctor-Doctor) brought Dad a pink snowball and coffee just the way he likes it, with lots of cream and sugar.  Mom marveled at the service and secretly craved a bite of the pink snowball...

Mom brought back his pajama top she had cleaned and replaced the buttons. She brought some more Aveeno lotion for Dad, and his Angel put them away for her.

Mom, Doctor-Doctor and Dad chatted awhile, and then it was clear, Dad was getting sleepy.  They wheeled him back to his room.  Dad asked Mom to shut the drapes.  She commented on how pretty the clouds were in the sky and thought he might enjoy looking at them.  He told her, "No, it makes it too easy for them to assassinate me."

Dad asked about my second the oldest brother's jewelry store (which he does not have) and Mom stood there puzzled.  She did not have a chance to respond, as Dad started in on how dangerous it was outside and she better be careful.  She promised she would.  Dad told Mom how "hornie" he was, so Mom asked him how his visit was with my sister and brother yesterday.,,

Dad looked tired.  Doctor-Doctor came  back in and tucked Dad in his bed.  She opened the drapes (which Dad usually likes) and Dad brought up the "assassination attempts" again.  Doctor-Doctor patted him on the shoulder and told him not to worry, she would not let anyone hurt him.  He smiled and told her he loved her.
Mom told Dad how much we all love his Angel and how well she takes care of him.

After Mom kissed him good bye, she turned as she was ready to leave the room, and heard Doctor-Doctor ask Dad to tell Mom he loved her.  Dad told Mom he loved her.  Mom smiled and waved.  Mom thought his Angel might think Mom is jealous, but Mom told us she is so grateful to his Angel, and the rest of the staff, for taking such good care of him.  Me too....

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A pleasant visit with Dad...

My sister and second to youngest brother went to visit Dad today.  Rain was forecast, but when they arrived at the nursing home, the skies were blue and the air, warm and sunny.  They found Dad snoozin' at the Bingo table.  When he awoke, he called them both by name and was so happy to see them.  The medicine lady came by with his Ensure and his meds.  Dad refused to drink the Ensure, so his Angel (Doctor-Doctor) was nearby and came over to ask him to drink it for her.  Of course he did, with a smile on his face.

They wheeled him out to the patio.  Dad loves being outside, and sat with his face looking upward, letting the sun warm his face. My brother went back inside to get a blanket for his legs, and my sister took the opportunity to check the blister on his chest, which was covered with a band aid.  She also checked his legs and feet for swelling, but there was none.

The Aide brought his delicious lunch of turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, squash, mixed vegetables, fruit salad, wheat bread, coffee, milk and pie, to him out on the patio.  There was very little talking as Dad inhaled his food. My sister and brother noticed his food card on his tray. Both of them got a kick out of my specific instructions for the kitchen.  They laughed because, besides the notes for whole wheat bread, ice cream at every meal, and large portions, under dislikes, it said NONE! After Dad scarfed up his lunch, his Angel appeared with a fruit plate of fresh pineapple, cottage cheese, oranges and grapes.  He polished that off in a matter of minutes.

Dad's eyes looked really tired.  My sister thought he did not seem as bright eyed as he usually is.  Dad told them he wanted someone to make love to him and he could handle 300 women! (That comment brought a smile or two, I would imagine...). He also mentioned he wanted to go home so he could make sure everyone was OK.  They both assured him everyone was fine. My brother complimented Dad on his slippers.  Dad said he could run fast in them.  My brother cautioned him running after a full meal was not such a great idea. Other than those remarks, Dad was not very chatty...

The sun was warm and my sister rubbed Dad's back and shoulders, until my brother told her Dad was nodding off.  They wheeled him back to his Angel, who lovingly got him ready and tucked him into bed.  They both hugged and kissed him good bye, leaving him happy, sleepy and smiling with his Angel...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

We are in total agreement...update on Dad

All votes are in.  We all agreed not to proceed with any further treatment other than the prescription for the Plavix.  I emailed the doctor this morning letting him know we are all in total agreement.

I never did get to speak with Dad.  He was asleep most of the afternoon and then he had dinner and then medication, so I gave up.  Tomorrow my sister and second to youngest brother are visiting Dad.  I will be patient and wait for their report.


I called this morning to speak to my Dad,
He was in Bible Study.
They told me to call back in an hour and a half.
I called back after lunch,
And now he is asleep...
I was told to call back between 1:30pm and 2:30pm

I will try,
but then they will be passing out meds
and too busy to take the phone to him.
Or, he will still be asleep.
The last time I called and woke him up,
he fell asleep on me mid conversation...

This is so frustrating...
I want to talk with my Dad...
We don't know from one day to the next,
how long we will have him.

I miss you Dad.
I love you Dad.
I am thinking of you Dad.
I wish I could hold your hand...
I wish I could feel your arms around me, in one of your hugs...
I don't want you to leave...
but I don't want you to stay,
to be swallowed whole by this insidious, evil, disease of Alzheimer's...

Attention all writers...

I was reading  Angie's blog:   (GUMBO WRITER)  
and she mentioned Harvey's blog:  (WRITING THE WORLD) . 

I went to visit his blog and oh my!  What a treasure trove of literary advice and writing instruction.  Maybe you might want to check it out...

"Harvey Stanbrough is a poet, writer, and freelance editor. His works have been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, the Frankfurt Award, the Pushcart Prize and the National Book Award. His current nonfiction books include Punctuation for Writers and Writing Realistic Dialogue & Flash Fiction. His comprehensive poetry collection, Beyond the Masks, has received rave reviews. He spoke at writers’ conferences for several years, but now teaches mostly in private seminars in Huachuca City and Tucson, Arizona, where he presents monthly sessions on various topics, including Observation for Writers, Writing Realistic Dialogue, and Writing Poetry. For a current schedule, see his website at"  
(Taken from his About profile under Pages from his blog)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Dad's doctor sent me an email...

I sent out a family email to everyone, hoping they all will agree with Mom and I to do nothing.  Moving Dad, putting him in the hospital for this procedure, having to sedate him, will be far too traumatic for him.  Even the doctor agreed with me when I emailed him about my concerns regarding what happened to my Mother in Law when she was sedated.

Dad's doctor emailed me back and told me he put Dad on Plavix to prevent future clotting.  He is willing not to do any further treatment if all of us agree. He agreed it would better to do nothing as Dad would not understand and would get combative.

I am awaiting everyone's votes...

Dad has clots in both his legs...

Dad's doctor called Mom telling her the most recent Doppler exam of Dads legs showed blood clots in both of them.  He saw Dad Friday and didn't think his legs were that swollen, and was surprised at the report.  The usual treatment is a blood thinner, but with Dad's history of falls, he is concerned and would prefer not to do that.  Dad had fought the staff treating him, when he cut his eyebrow a couple of weeks ago.  The doctor said if Dad fell while on blood thinners, he could bleed out pretty fast or the profuse bleeding could cause a stroke, and he wasn't comfortable chancing it.

An alternative is putting a sieve in the main body vein (vena something) to prevent any clots from reaching Dad's lungs.  It would be done by a radiologist and the doctor assumed they'd have to sedate Dad since he gets combative when he is afraid or doesn't want something done.  Dad would have to be completely still for this procedure, and with Alzheimer's patients, that is not possible.  It would necessitate a hospital visit and short stay.  It is a complicated procedure.  Mom told the doctor she wanted to talk to all of us before making a decision.

I called the doctors office, and hopefully he will call me back.  Mom included the doctor's email, so I will also email him.  I am NOT IN FAVOR of sedating Dad.  I have read this can make Alzheimer's worse and I have seen the results when my Mother in Law was sedated to have an MRI.  She had Alzheimer's and after the MRI, she was never the same.  She did not even know who we were.  Her personality was gone.  She was like a zombie.  Shortly after, she began to keep her eyes closed and would not talk, then she stopped eating. It was the end of her.

I would rather see Dad go quick from a thrown clot to his lungs or heart than to turn into a zombie....

I need advice from my Angels...  Would my nurse friends please give me some feedback?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I feel like I am on a merry-go-round and can't get off....

I talked with the Realtor, we plan on hiring to sell our house, today. She told me, starting April 1, Bank of America will release 500-600 foreclosures each month. They have an inventory in Nevada of over 6,000 homes. She suggested we put the house up NOW, to use this month to possibly get the house in contract....

RIGHT.  I am not through with my "de-cluttering" and we have not found another house...I am so weak from this miserable flu or whatever it is I have been fighting this past week...

She said if the market gets flooded again, it will drive the prices down.. The banks will list the foreclosures low, allowing the house to get into a bidding war,  which will drive up the price of the house. Often, that ends up with the property going back into foreclosure AGAIN!!.

No doubt there are other banks who have inventory too, and will follow suit.  I don't even want to think about the amount of foreclosures flooding the market here in Nevada!!!  Will they do the same in California, or have they already released their "phantom inventory"?  Our Realtor in California said she knows nothing about when they will release the inventories of foreclosed homes...she is going to investigate for me and call me back...

If might help us in getting a place in California, but not here.  When I told my husband, all he could say was,

"Can't we ever catch a break?"....

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A call from the nursing home...

The nursing home called me today to inform me Dad has a blister in between his nipples on his chest.  He had scratched it and it bled.  They cleaned it out and put sterile bandages on it...

My unanswered question to her was, HOW IN THE HECK DID HE GET A BLISTER ON HIS CHEST!?

She had no clue.

My sister in law emailed me after I sent out the email to the family about the call.  She told me her Dad, who had Alzheimer's, had some auto immune disorder called Bullous Pemphigoid Blisters, which can only be diagnosed if a biopsy is done on the blister.

I called the nurse back and asked if she had checked his entire body for more blisters.  She assured me they had, and will continue to keep an eye on him.  If took me two hours before she finally called me back.  Talk about exasperating!!!

Any of you wonderful nurses out there, following me, ever heard of that?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A little of this, a little of that...

Well, I am happy to report Izzy did not bark at my husband when he came home last night...and she was out of her crate.  He was playing with her and petting her, so we are actually getting excited here...we just may have turned the corner!  My husband says "the jury is still out", he does not want to jinx it....

I got my antibiotics, only the doctor faxed the prescription to the wrong pharmacy.  I finally picked it up today, I did not have the heart to have my husband drive back down the hill after the rough day he had yesterday...Izzy was in her crate from 11am to 5pm,today, because I had my hair done and had a long list of errands to run.

I HAVE to get new eye glasses.  I keep putting it off and if I don't do it soon, my prescription will expire.  My husband needs new glasses too, because HIS prescription did expire!  We were playing cards the other night with our friends, and he kept thinking Clubs were Spades, and visa-versa.

I took Izzy for a walk this morning and it was very windy.  I have been sneezing my head off all day.

Went to the nursery to check out plants.  I am so anxious to dig in the dirt and get some of these dead plants replaced....

Did anyone watch the Bachelor last night?  I had a feeling he would pick Vienna...that jump off the bridge was pretty powerful, about as much as their sexual chemistry! Their first kiss was hanging upside down from that bridge...WHOA, Baby!!  I think he started thinking of Tenley as a sister.  I wish they would have had Tenley for the Bachelorette instead of Ali.....just my opinion...

Anyone into American Idol?  I AM!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hyaciths and York peppermint mints...

Mom visited Dad today.  She found him in the lunch room, just finishing up his lunch. Afterward, she took him out on the patio to enjoy the day.  There was a slight breeze, so the short sleeve shirt , he had on with his jeans, did not keep him that warm.  Mom removed her cape and put it over his shoulders. She brought him some Hyaciths and York peppermint mints...

He loved the scent of the flowers, but was afraid someone might be allergic, telling her to take them home.  He gagged on the mints, telling her it was choking him.  Dad LOVES York he must have had a contrary day...

Dad was worried about everything being Mom kept the topics of conversation varied to side track him. He told her he was running for Vice President and he had to report to the Marine Corps for duty.  Mom went along, but reminded him he had already served four years, but he ignored her and kept on talking.

Dad's left eye looks irritated and Dad's Angel told Mom they were keeping an eye on it.  Mom noticed the afghan she made him, and the pictures from his wall of love were missing.  The Aide found them in his closet.  Mom put his cards in her purse to take home, along with one of his pajama tops with two buttons missing.

When Dad's Angel and one his favorite male attendants commented on how nice the flowers were, Dad decided he would keep them after all.  Dad told Mom he was walking now, and could even run...(maybe in his dreams...) and Mom cautioned him from running too fast...

Dad went on to tell Mom their daughter was making a movie and how he had tried to call her several times, but there was no answer. He told her how he enjoyed watching football on the Olympics, and Mom just told him she prefered the hockey. She is pretty quick on the uptake, but some times, Dad comes up with some comments, where Mom can only smile and nod her head.  He told her he would never do anything that his Angel told him not to do. Dad repeated that several times.

He reminded Mom, as she kissed him goodbye, to call him when she got home, because it was so dangerous out there...she promised she would and left the room as Dad was showing off his beautiful Hyaciths...

Oh hurry Spring...

I am on my second day of a sore throat.  I called my doctor to call something in to knock this bug out of me.  I got some of those Sudafed Cold and Cough pills, and I slept good last night...Sleeping is near impossible when I feel like I am swallowing a golf ball, each time I swallow!

Who knows how I got it...probably running outside in bare feet on windy, cold, rainy nights, chasing Izzy with a water bottle, trying to get her to STOP BARKING at everything that moves AT NIGHT!!!

I long for Spring.  I removed all the burlap off my plants and made an inventory of all the plants I have to replace in our front and back yard.  I have to get something BIG and FAST GROWING to place beside the street side of our house.  We need the privacy...(or whomever buys our house) and maybe it will hinder Izzy from barking if we cut off her view. 

Yesterday, I awoke from a wonderful, couch nap, to the snarls and high pitched barking of a wild dog fight!!  Disoriented, drugged from the cold medicine, I stagger into the back patio, to find Izzy, nose to nose, through our fence, with TWO BOXERS!!  The owner was straining and yelling at her dogs to stop, attempting to pull them away from our fence.  I thought for sure, as I pulled Izzy away, I would find her bloody and missing an eye or her nose!!!  Thankfully, all were fine, but this little dog has got either a Napolean complex or is fearless, taking on two boxers for Pete's Sake!   A few months ago, she took on a Doberman Pincher in Pet Smart

I love Spring, but my allergies don't.  Maybe this sore throat is part of it. I have so much work to do and so many phone calls to make, and no energy to do it.  As soon as I get back my equilibrium, I will not even hit the floor running...

My husband left early this morning, as he left, I got up, let Izzy out of her crate and she ran outside, around to the side of the house.  My husband always walks over to the side of the house and Izzy is standing at the gate looking at him.  He waves to her and tells her he will see her tonight...we will see how she does...