This blog was formerly dedicated in 2009 to my Dad who died of Alzheimer's in 2013. It's been three years now...and I find myself missing I am re-inventing my blog... because, after all, life is about moving through, and going forward...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Giggles and Puddles... Boo hoo...Bye Bye...

Amazingly, Mom was the last to get up this morning...
cracked my sister and I up!
We loaded up my sister's car,
 making sure we did not forget anything.

My sister and Mom followed me
as I drove us down to the Landing,
a restaurant by the Executive Airport in Henderson.
We arrived first and sat and ordered some coffee,
enjoying the early morning flight preparations.
We wondered what famous and rich people's planes
were parked there...

(Those white spots are sun glare through the window)

When our red headed girlfriend from California and our co-host
joined us,
we all agreed how much the weekend was.
We all  felt sleep deprived, to prove it!

Mom, my sister and I all joked and told the gals
 we had planned to wear the same clothes from last night
and tell them we had come straight from the casino...

Our two co-horts began laughing
and shared their latest adventure from last night...
One of the projects they had planned,
and had ran out of time to do,
was the making of the phrase:
in vinyl letters from the red head's Cricut machine.
Our co-host wanted it measured
and placed high on her livingroom wall...
(I know you women out there can understand,
when we women have something we feel dialed in to do,
 DOING IT becomes imperative and top priority...)

So these two crazy gals, decided, despite being dead tired, 
to take a quick cat nap,
and then stay up as late as necessary,
to get the job done.
(After the weekend we had,
 an hour's cat nap,
 does NOT constitute rest,
by any stretch of the imagination!)

While the red head stood on the couch cushions,
holding the yard stick with one hand,
and a section of the lettering with her other,
our co-host proceeded to strattle her,
to reach to the other side of the wall while,
 intently focused on securing the letters.

As our co-host begans to cross behind the red head's butt,
our co-host starts to lose her balance,
and lets go of the lettering,
leaving it hanging precariously half off the wall...

Instantly, our red headed girlfriend, 
being a die-hard-get-it-done-above-all-costs-type-woman,
did what any self respecting woman of this caliber would do...
She leaned forward,
(sticking her butt out in the process,)
to hold the slipping letters with her chin...

Her sudden movement knocked our co-host off the couch,
onto the floor, where she convulses into a fit of laughter....
leaving our red head holding up everything!

 The red head began to giggle...

The red head tries to speak, asking for help...but instead, 
giggles harder, and begins to lose control...

Meanwhile, our dear co-host,
(the red head's BEST FRIEND),
has launched into
an exhausted-but-refusing-to-give-in-to-deralict-type-lack-of-consciousness,
hysterical laughter, 
and leaves her best friend, literally hanging,
as she runs to the bathroom!

By this time, the red head has giggled herself
 into hysterics and collapses onto the couch...

To protect their privacy, suffice it to say,
this story, from this day forward, will be referred to as,
"Giggles and Puddles"

The red head from California, our co-host and Mom...

We all caused quite a commtion with our
hearty, boisterous bursts of loud, tear filled laughter.
The faces in the restaurant, kind of looked upon us,
like the onlookers observing Meg Ryan in,
When Harry Met Sally...

We finished up our breakfast and took turns with our potty breaks...
(I thought this picture was too dark, so edited it to make it lighter...
only to discover,
Mom was sticking out her tongue!

I wonder now if it was due to her not wanting to leave...
or not being able to gamble anymore???

After hugs and kisses,
our boo hoos and bye byes,
Mom, my sister and the red head left
to drive back to California,
our creative co-host left for work,
and I drove back home.
I collected all the sheets, towels
and tossed them in the washing machine. 

I took Izzy to the Groomers
to apologize in person to the owner
for raising such a stink
with Izzy's shaved fur-do last Thursday...
The owner was very gracious
and will not ban me from the shop.
She even invited me to come in on
Sundays and Mondays, in between cuts
to wash Izzy myself...

She allowed me to select a couple of
doggie treats
"on the house" for Izzy.
She told me she thought Izzy
had some Norwich Terrier in her
due to the black eyeliner around her eyes.

Izzy and I went down to the District,
Shopping area by Green Valley Ranch )
(which is dog friendly)
and walked around window shopping.
She was happy to have
some one on one time with me
since she spent most of the weekend
outside in her dog house.
 My husband stayed home to dog sit
and I guess,
she felt more comfortable outside.
When my husband was out for awhile,
she was in her crate.
She did not eat any of her food
 the entire weekend,
except for the dog bones she had while in her crate.
I had cleaned up
all her poops prior to the girls arrival,
and after they left,
there was not one poop pile
 in the backyard!

I was relieved (and so was she)
while walking her at the District...
I was starting to worry she was plugged up!
It was a gorgeous day
and I was in no hurry
 to go back to our empty, quiet, house...

Early afternoon,
after purchasing some Bully Bones
for Izzy
at the Flea Bags Barkery and Bowtique,
we headed back home
and took a nap...

Boo Hoo...Bye Bye, until the next time...
what a FANTASTIC weekend!!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Your Mom's a real pistol!

Donna B said...

Debra: YES SHE IS!!! A real party animal!!

gayle said...

Your mom as I have said before is one awesome lady and with so much energy!