This blog was formerly dedicated in 2009 to my Dad who died of Alzheimer's in 2013. It's been three years now...and I find myself missing I am re-inventing my blog... because, after all, life is about moving through, and going forward...

Friday, November 20, 2009

Quiet time for Izzy and me...

The quiet of a senior community,
Only the sounds of my foot steps,
and the jingling of her tags
The flap of an occasional flag,
the random garage door opening,
with very few cars,
The whistle of the wind,
The breeze against my sweaty brow,
as this tiny dog pulls me,
works me,
up the hills.
Time to myself to think,
to plan,
to wonder...
to be thankful,
for the company of this sweet canine,
who keeps turning back to look up,
at me,
her big brown eyes,
bright and shining
full of happiness
and joy...
A dancing leaf,
scampers by,
Quails flutter and peep
in nearby bushes,
This scruffy dog perks her ears
as our lone Harley rider
departs his rental.
as he considerately
and slowly,
rides by us
and waves...
Quiet time
for Izzy and me.


Mari said...

Wow - you are a talented writer. I enjoyed this.

Fran Hill said...

You made me quite jealous!

Marcella said...

Just one simple word "Lovely"

Donna B. said...

Thanks Mari...I was thinking of the poem while walking and then added to it when I got home...

Fran? Jealous? Of what? A quiet walk with my doggie??

Thank you Marcella...I appreciate your comment. I'm glad you liked it.

Vegas Linda Lou said...


Donna B. said...

Thank you Linda Lou!