This blog was formerly dedicated in 2009 to my Dad who died of Alzheimer's in 2013. It's been three years now...and I find myself missing I am re-inventing my blog... because, after all, life is about moving through, and going forward...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Busy days, early nights...

We got a lot accomplished at Mom's during my trip to California.  My nephew came over and saved my back while cleaning out underneath the eaves of Mom's house.  We spent all of Friday emptying the eaves and discovering hidden treasures.  We found the rug that saved Dad's life.  When he was a young boy, he played with matches and caught himself on fire.  His Dad and Uncle smothered the flames with the rug.

We found hand carved chess boxes made by my Great Grandfather, a handmade, heirloom quilt given to Mom shortly after her marriage to Dad, two red dial phones, some old tables and Grandma's old sewing machine.  There was an old projector as well.  The rest of the stuff will go in the yard sale pile.

Saturday, my sister arrived bright and early and began prepping the front door for re-painting and replacing all the door hardware.  She drilled a new hole for a peep hole, had to enlarge the door knob hole for the new hardware.  New mail slot, which also needed to be enlarged, and a new door stop.  The paint Mom had purchased was too fuchsia and did not match the trim.  Luckily, Dad had purchased some paint that was more plum, and looked way better.

Once we painted the front door, we needed to paint the trim.  I did that while my sister wrestled with enlarging the holes in the solid wood front door.  After I did the trim (in between walking Izzy) I did some yard work and moved some plants around in the yard.  My poor sister's hands were so sore she could not open a bag of nuts she brought for us to snack on.

Sunday, I drove out to visit my daughter and two grandsons.  The boys had been ill with the stomach flu, but were holding their own. I had a DS game for them, and had to deliver it, plus they wanted to see Izzy.  Unfortunately, they have several big dogs on either side of their house, and Izzy could not focus.  She ran from one fence to the other barking, growling and trying to break down the fences.  I ended up dropping off the gift and getting back on the road to return to Nevada.

Izzy was soooooooooooo good.  We stopped once half way on our way to California, and half way back from California, for potty breaks.  She slept the entire time in her crate, or laid quietly. She played with my nieces dog, Layla, and only had one accident (because I was talking with my niece and not paying attention to the time to take her out).  When we worked on the door and left it open, she stayed in her crate without complaint.  I am so very proud of her.

After getting home Sunday, I was exhausted, and I am still tired.  I have been doing a lot of napping with Izzy napping beside me.  My husband is on vacation until Thursday.  We were going to go away, but decided to stay home and let Izzy have more time with him. At least she has stopped barking at him.

I may take Izzy for a "well dog visit" with a Vet.  I want to find out what breed she is.  My girlfriend, who has had many dogs, told me today, she thinks Izzy is Border Terrier.  I have been researching the characteristics.

Yesterday, we slept practically the entire day.  Just laid around watching TV movies and napping.  It was glorious.  Mom does not have a yard safe enough for Izzy to romp and run around without getting out.  She can go in and out as she pleases here, so it is so much more relaxing for all of us.  Today, I went out early, leaving Izzy with my husband.  I went to collect some rocks for the bottom of our fence.  Izzy likes to dig...I wouldn't think a dog would dig in rock gravel, but she does!

I am still getting used to rising early and consequently, going to bed early.  Today I took Izzy for two long walks since we did not take any yesterday.  These are busy days and early nights....


Mari said...

Glad Izzy tolerated the trip well. Sounds like you got a lot done too!

mickeydee said...

It sounds like Izzy had a great trip. I'm so happy that she was a good girl and make your trip easier.

Donna B. said...

Hi Mari, Thanks for stopping by...yeah, she handled the trip way better than I anticipated. So proud of her. She really is a great dog.

Mickeydee...hey girl, how are you and Shelby? Like I said, if she just warms up a little to my husband, she will be the perfect little dog!