This blog was formerly dedicated in 2009 to my Dad who died of Alzheimer's in 2013. It's been three years now...and I find myself missing I am re-inventing my blog... because, after all, life is about moving through, and going forward...

Monday, February 28, 2011

Mr. Big Eyes Gets His First Bottom Tooth....

Here is 5 month old "Mr. Big Eyes" Jacob with his Mom.  He got his first bottom tooth yesterday.  Enjoying her day off, my daughter Jodee and her handsome son Jacob met her girlfriend with her baby boy, Noah.

Here are the boys in their car seats...Noah on the left and Jacob on the right.  Check out that expression on Jacob's face... Is that a Cabbage Patch doll smile or what?

Cabbage Patch smirks run in our other grand sons, the 8 year old and the 6 year old are famous for them.  Both the boys returned to school today.  They enjoyed their Spring Break last week.  The 8 year old is going to be in a play this Saturday.  He has a one liner part.  Oh how I wish I could be there...

I had a nice long phone visit with my older daughter last night and one with my younger daughter (above) today.  She called because Jacob had a lot to tell me about his new tooth and how much he misses his Grandpa and me...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

More From Dad...

Mom visited Dad in the nursing home today, just before 11 AM.  She found him in bed with his legs elevated, surrounded by five young nursing students.  They were all laughing.  Dad seemed extremely happy.

She sat down after kissing him hello and he began talking non-stop as if Mom was interviewing him -- Mom was able to ask a few questions, but for the most part, Dad did all the talking...
So Mom decided to take notes: (All Dad's conversation is in bold)

"All the boys did their devotions at their weddings at Disneyland...."

Mom asked Dad who came to visit him yesterday, (knowing their youngest son E_____ had visited ...)
"Hol Doll came and we went to prayer sessions.  They were very soothing prayer sessions.  (Hol Doll is his pet name for my sister...) Her husband came too.  He was very relieved the surgery is over. (He plans on having surgery later this year...but neither my sister, or her husband came to visit that particular day) We took lots of pictures. We laughed a lot.  E____ came too.  I want to sit in a cab or a bus or a train with the boys and talk...we can take up the back seat..."

"The ladies hum to him and he loves it. 
They whisk him off fast to lunch or breakfast. 
He loves to watch himself on the television...
He is a nice loving guy and he's #1 in the world. 
They send money; millions of dollars, so he is a millionaire. 
He is going to help people with the money. 
He spends a lot of time loading sand boxes...
If you feel comfortable with someone, marry them..."

Dad asked her what she was doing...and she told him she was writing down all the important things he was telling her...She continued to write:

"He went to visit someone in Europe for a week. (Dad has never been to Europe) 
Some of the girls he is married to were there. 
He loved England.  (He has never been to England, either)
They traveled in a big bus because it was safer. 
Doctor-Doctor (His favorite female CNA, who is still out on leave, recuperating from surgery) sends him love notes...".

"The boys love him and call him Jehovah. 
They come over and give him a bite out of a cookie. 
He loves to watch the boats in the water...he tells the little boys not to go near the water, it's dangerous!  (Dad loved to sail as a young boy when he lived in Conneticut.)
So many beautiful places...."

"He has to report if it going to be a rainy day."

"He likes to get up and do things for people. 
They wheel me out real fast and I walk with the people.  I know them real well. 
I look out and check the weather to see if the horses will run today. (Dad used to "play the ponies")
I mind my own business. 
The kids come up and shake my hand; their fathers are so proud, it makes me happy to see the proud Fathers."

"He has to use the language they understand. 
He handles all the money in the whole wide world that comes in. 
He wants to keep up in a peaceful way. 
He wants to always preach peace, not war. 
If you do something for someone else, forget the war. 
We are in a war situation - be prepared."

"He helps turn on the TV and we watch it, but it is not too interesting. 
He feels so good most of the time. 
He has extra strength in his body. 
He is not a Tourist attraction. "

"He feels good talking with his sons. 
He hopes they remember him.
They're always talking about getting together with him. "

"Europe is beautiful.
Think of somebody underground unless you are on the tail end of it.  (Before he went into the hospital, he told me about the Battle of Tarawa, and how all the Japanese were tunneled underground....and when the Marines took them prisoners, the Japanese put their hands behind their heads, as if to surrender, but instead had granades which they had hidden and pulled the pin when they were in a big group...killing themselves and Marines...)
Much better on the back seat. 
He waits where he knows the last car will be. 
If it's cloudy you need to be under cover. 
It's so crowded with the girls on the train. 
They're right underneath him, and he does what they say."

"Nasty people get clobbered. 
A weapon reads who and what you are before they pull the trigger. 
Use the escalator one step at a time. 
If you disobey orders, they take you off -- and pay big fines.
If you can't pay you go to jail where you have to stand on one foot.
If you can't obey you are covered with black ink and you can't get it off."

"Instantaneous communication is wonderful."

"I'm very busy.
That's the way I like it,  to help people." 

"It's amazing how fast you can travel. 
I've ridden in helicopters when I was in Korea, locked up for quite awhile. (Dad was never in Korea) 
We destroyed one an other's house. 
When you see the mountains, there are villages all over it. 
It goes up fast and it costs thousands of dollars."

"They need to come to me and cuddle.  
Certain things turn out to be illegal. 
I said the hell with that. 
I know legal and illegal. 
I respect people who are older than me -- they walk with canes and play cards."

"He can show you how to make every move without moving a castle, so the castle is one of the things he uses...." (Dad was a great chess he may be referring to the game...)

The male nurse came to get Dad ready for lunch.  He asked Dad if he wanted to walk to the restroom, rather than wheel him in with his wheel chair.  Dad told him YES, and then moved so quickly, the male nurse had to scramble after Dad, reminding Dad, "Slow down now, remember, we are a team". 
Obviously the physical therapy is helping Dad. 
Mom said she had not seen him move that fast in a year...

The weather is always a question...

He likes all his food mixed together...( and proceeded to dump the carrots in with the pot roast, potatoes, and gravy.  He also had milk, coffee, bread, butter and cookies.)  After Dad finished his lunch, Mom wheeled him back to his room....

Mom leaned over to hug and kiss Dad good-bye...  He kissed her cheek and told her,

"My best to you and your HUSBAND and the little ones..."  (Mom actually got a kick out of this, and it struck her funny... Thank God Mom has such a great sense of humor...)

***** Thank you so much Mom for this detailed was like being there....******

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Advice From Dad....

My youngest brother E___ visted Dad today.  E____ calls him "Pops".  Being the youngest, he has always had a very special bond with Dad.  When Dad was first admitted to the hospital, it was E_____ who softly spoke to Dad, to get him to take the necessary tests.  He knew when to be serious,  to use humor and to bring Dad calm, by reminding him about the Lord...

My brother sent us an email and I am sharing it exactly as he wrote it to us...

Here are some of Pops one liners and classic advice to live by from today!!!

One day at a time.

You can't predict life.

Love people.

Help others.

Concentrate on peace.

Gardening was one of his favorite things to do.

Really listen to every word carefully that people say,

That makes you more able to help them.

Loving and helping people is the best thing you can do.

Love is the bottom line.

If you worry you won't be happy.

The way you love animals says a lot about you.

Wake up happy and be happy all day.

Ask god for the answers.

The lord will comfort you.

You need to be happy for others to be happy.

Watch the media influence.

Let the attorney do all the talking. (if you need one)

Always depend on the Lord.

Be secure knowing that people love you.

Dad 2-23-2011
It was a very meaningful and well timed visit for me.



Monday, February 21, 2011


Oh, I am so happy to report when I spoke with Dad this morning, he had completely forgotten all the events of yesterday...

He was in gibberish mode, where none of the words used in his sentences, went with anything he said...

I did my best to pick out what I could to carry on a conversation.

He did remember my husband and asked how he was, calling him by name.  He was very happy and invigorated by the beautiful day.  He seemed calm, happy and relaxed.

What a relief.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Five Months Old Today...

Jacob, 5 months old today

Hangin' out with Dad...

Close up of the outfit we gave him. (worn in pic above with his Dad)..just look at that little face!

This one was taken on Valentine's Day...

Seeing these pics of my grand son has been the high point of my day today....and the three glasses of white zinfandel....loosened up those muscle spasms in my back....

It's All Part of This Crazy War Dance of Alzheimer's/Dementia...

I went to sleep watching TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL marathon episodes and woke up to a phone call from Dad at the nursing home.


"No, this is Donna... Hi Dad..."

"Where are you?"

"In Nevada."

"Then you are no help to me...I can't get a hold of your Mother or anyone."

"Mom is probably in church... wh---"

"I have an emergency.  This is important. I can't take a taxi because I don't have any money."

"What's wrong Da--"


"What happened?"

"I am NOT going to discuss this over the phone.  I want to go to (gave the address of the house where Mom lives) or to anyone in the family's home.  I have an EMERGENCY!  DO YOU HEAR ME?"

"Yes, Dad, yes...I will call..."


"OK, Dad...I will hang up and do my best to get ahold of someone in the family.... but I have a private line, it is safe, you can talk to me.  What happened?"


"Calm down Dad... I'll call...  I will work on it and call you back...."I lov----"

"Good-bye"  Click.

I had to gather my wits... was I awake or did I have a nightmare about Dad?  He has not done this in such a long time... it brought back horrible flashbacks when he first went into the hospital and called me to come pick him up....

I called the nursing home and spoke with the charge nurse.  Dad was calm cool and collected, until he was put back in bed at 8:30 am to elevate his feet.  He even had all the student nurses fussing over him.  Apparently, he told them he wanted to speak to his wife.  They called Mom, who did not answer as she was in church... Then, they called my cell, (didn't hear it) and then the house phone, which was right by my bed.

After our phone call, I guess he was agitated and yelled and screamed for a few minutes before apologizing profusely to everyone and not wanting to discuss it anymore... The nurse assured me Dad was fine and was in the activity room for church services.

Relieved, but still rattled, I hoped hearing the words of the Lord would calm him down...

I left Mom a message, spoke with my youngest brother and my sister.  I wrote a family email to everyone.

During the day I have made calls every couple of hours to check on Dad and they keep telling me he is resting or in activities and doing fine...

Mom called around 3:30 PM and said she had a message from Dad at 2:30 PM.  His message said he had a cold and needed to come home to take care of himself... I told her I would call and check on Dad  again...

I talked at length with the male nurse who spends so much time with Dad.  I have to remember it is more emotional and difficult for us, than it is for Dad.  Some times Dad's short time memory is in tact and some times not.  Same with his long term memory.  It's all part of this crazy war dance of Alzheimer's/Dementia.

Personally, I feel guilt because he sounded so alert, but so upset.  None of us want him to live in a nursing home, but he has to.  We can not give him the 24 hour care he needs.  It is so emotionally draining for all of us, especially when Dad tells us he wants to come home.

I will call Dad tomorrow, acting like nothing happened and hope for the best.  I will be grateful these phone calls do not happen every day...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Laughlin Blog Friend Meet, Grand Sons and Dog Love...

My husband and I went to Laughlin to meet up with one of my dear blogging friends, Jeanie of Living Consciously.  We met for lunch on Valentine's Day...  She was just as wonderful as I thought she would be.  Her husband Doc, and my husband enjoyed mutual conversations and Jeanie and I spent more time talking, (having a few "toddies") than playing the slots.

She didn't do so bad...and I came home with $20 less than I came with...

Always thoughtful, Jeanie presented me a Valentine's present from her dog Dodger, to my dog, Izzy.  A cute little hedgehog (which she promptly tore open and tried to eat the squeaker) and a hard, lime green, chew bone that also squeaks.  She is still figuring out what to do with the bone, as most of her toys are "fuzzy".  She was tossing it around yesterday...

Dodger (Doc and Jeanie's dog)

Izzy (my dog)

Jeanie and I both decided they would make a cute couple...what do you think?

This is Doc and Jeanie.  Doc is a knowledgeable dog owner, protector and great fan of dogs...One of his pet peeves are owners who don't pick up their dog's poops...and people who don't respect the etiquette of the Dog Park... (see the band aid? ) He doesn't put up with any nonsense.... (just kidding...he had some minor surgery...but the rest is absolutely true!)

Me and my honey...

On the way home Tuesday morning, he suggested we stop at a neat old place in Searchlight.  He discovered it when he used to work and was checking out a project out in that area.  He told me I would love it and said it was like going back in time to the 50's...

It is right off Hwy 95 and is called the Searchlight Nugget.  It is about 20 miles from Cottonwood Cove.  When you walk in, you hear the sound of money falling from slot machines.  Now a days, the machines generally spit out a pay voucher with a bar code.  You can cash it in or stick it into another slot machine like money.  No more getting your hands dirty from gathering up all those coins from the coin slots...

Wonderful aromas of bacon and coffee fill the air.  The prices were extremely reasonable for the generous portions.  They are famous for their coffee which costs....(are you ready???) ten cents.  Yep, that's what I said, TEN CENTS!  Delicious coffee!!  I think I had six cups.

This is our check...(check out price of coffee, I was not kidding!)

If you are in Laughlin, take a little drive to Searchlight, it is so worth it... We decided we would re-visit as it is only about a 45 minute drive from our house.  I want to take more pictures of some of the old stuff there...


The six year old grand son was in a play Thursday night.  My daughter said he was a little Tom Cruise.  He said his 4 different lines perfectly and did not talk too fast.  He sang at the top of his lungs and waved to all his fans.

He also drew a picture of Gary the snail from Sponge Bob Square Pants...Here it is:

Pretty good little artist, eh?

The eight year old is quite the reader.  He is required to have 16 points per quarter, and he already has 45 points.  Unfortunately the extra points don"t carry over.  He is like his Mom...he likes to get everything done in advance so he has more play and fun time. 

They both are looking forward to their being off all next week...9 whole days!

Here is baby Jacob...making his first mess.  He rolled over and attacked the pile of diapers!  Notice how proud of himself he is??

I have a new Grand Pup..... my oldest daughter's family got a chocolate lab and his name is Dutch.

He has been with them almost one month...and already knows how to sit and stay.  The boys are having a blast playing with him... Isn't he cute?

As promised...Izzy in her purple sweater....and relaxing in her bed in my office...
Fits her if we could just find a new rain proof jacket...her belly has grown and she no longer fits her little red parka anymore...

Friday, February 18, 2011

It's All About Four Corners...

Mom went to visit Dad yesterday.  They are due to have a big rain storm.  She found Dad playing BINGO.
She snuck up to him from behind and presented him with a vase holding a Daffodil and a Purple Hyacinth. Dad laughed and gushed at how wonderful it smelled.

The lady calling the BINGO numbers told Dad Mom was behind him...slow on the uptake or he didn't hear what she said, he didn't notice he had a BINGO.  Mom came out from behind the wheel chair and told him he was a winner...When Dad saw Mom he light up with excitement and was so happy to see her.  He smiled and reached for her to get a kiss and a hug...

In the final game, everyone needed a bingo down the "B" column and one down the "O" column.  Dad had one of those, but he also had one in "all four corners". Dad yelled out,


Mom said that phrase was "the word of the day" the rest of their visit...

She wheeled him back to his room where it was quiet and they could have some conversation.   Dad was asking about my second to the youngest brother S______.  Mom told Dad how busy he was and she had not seen him much lately...

Dad began talking of a business my brother was starting "out there".  He started in again with Mom about needing more he could pay his bills.  Again, Mom reassured Dad she was taking care of all the bills. 

"I am in charge now...I have the four corners so things are going to get a lot better..."

The wound care nurse came in and wanted to check Dad's left pinkie toe wound.  She told Dad and Mom she wanted him back in bed after lunch to elevate his feet.  She also shared pictures of her grandson.  Dad and Mom admired her grandson, and could appreciate how proud she was...

Mom had brought Dad a National Geographic magazine, one of Dad's favorite magazines.  They enjoyed the photographs together.  Dad was very interested in a map from a huge national park in Alaska and pointed out Discovery Bay... 

"Since I have the four corners, I am in charge of our relations with Russia and things are going very well..."

Mom realized it was almost noon, so she suggested she take him to the dining room for lunch.  Dad told her he was not hungry, unless someone fed him...   Mom told Dad she would be glad to feed him.  He quickly devoured tender pot roast, potatoes and gravy, yellow mashed squash and beets.  He didn't want his coffee, but drank all his milk. 

He had cheese cake for dessert, but Dad refused to eat it.  Mom took a bite and told him how delicious it was.  He said he would try it, opened his mouth, and ended up polishing it off...

Shortly after finishing his lunch, Mom could tell he was tired, and wheeled him back to his room.  Dad's male nurse told Mom he would be right in to get Dad ready, as soon as he finished dropping off some food trays.  Mom sat with Dad and listened to some more "four corners" conversation...

Dad looked like he was ready to fall asleep, just as the male nurse returned to take over... Mom kissed him good bye and despite everything, felt it was a good visit...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Lightning Bolt Struck My Lower Back...

That is what it felt like....

I was in the process of writing about our great time in Laughlin, meeting Jeanie and her husband Doc.  I took a break from composing on my blog, and decided to play "fetch" with my dog Izzy.  I leaned over to toss her toy for her again, and WHAM-O!!!

It felt like a lightning bolt struck my lower back!

Was in a ton of pain for the first 24 hours. Had to take pain pills. My husband has been a PRINCE and has been doing e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g for me.  Am taking anti-inflammatories and my using my trusty ICY HOT packs.  Not much to do but stay on the couch and sleep.  Feeling less pain.  Should be back to normal in 3-4 days....

My husband brought me my laptop so I could let you all know why I am not answering emails or posting.  I  have a great post I was working on, so stay tuned.... I will finish it and post pictures when I can sit up longer.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dad Is Pulling Guard Duty At Night...

Mom and my sister, Holly went to visit Dad today.  He was in GREAT SPIRITS!  They found him in his room with five nurses.  The supervisor was checking his sugar level and the four interns were watching.  Dad was loving the attention of all the ladies.  He was thrilled to see Mom and my sister join the party!

They wheeled him out to the patio for some absolutely glorious sunshine.  Really was a beautiful day!  As always, he smiled a big happy smile feeling the warmth on his skin.

He talked of having Guard Duty and the fact too many of the residents were drinkers, which he did not approve of. 

"You know, I am up for 3-4 hours a night on Guard Duty...but I sure slept good last night!"

Dad used to guard Navy and Marine prisoners, who committed crimes while in the service, when Dad was in the service with the Marines.  He worked in Bremerton, Washington and then when we moved to California, he worked down in San Pedro.  He is probably recalling that time in his life...

Mom and Dad

Mom and my sister checked his toe, his foot and his eye.  Everything looked pretty good.  Dad told them how well they care for him and change his foot dressings every single day.  He told them he "feels just fine".

Dad had a fresh hair cut and facial hair trim, so he looked nice and sharp.

Today is my oldest brother's 60th birthday.  I am the oldest and then this brother.  My sister sent the picture above of Mom and Dad to him with a text sending him birthday wishes and love from all of us.  My brother called back and Dad took the phone and sang Happy Birthday to him.  Mom and Holly were floored when Dad not only sang in tune, in full voice, but also remembered my brother B____'s name and included from Mom, Holly and me at the end, keeping in tune with the melody.  Very impressive!  My brother said it made his day...

They all sat and talked.  Dad told Mom he needs some money because he wants to buy a new suit and tie.  (This is something Dad used to do when he lived at home.  He constantly went shopping, spending his pension check as soon as it came in the mail.  Dad always wore a suit to church, to visit at the hospitals, nursing homes and hospice when he was a Chaplain.  He would wear a suit when he used to take me to dinner when I was single and lived alone.)

Mom asked him if he felt buying a suit and wearing it would make some of the other residents feel badly because they did not have suits or nice dresses to wear.  Immediately, he thanked Mom for reminding him, because he would never want to make anyone feel badly...

He asked Mom about his VA Insurance bill... Dad was very vigilant making sure his life insurance was paid every month... Mom assured him she has it automatically deducted from their account each month and double checks to make sure it has been paid.  He smiled lovingly at her, telling her he remembers how sharp she is with the details...

When Mom and Dad were raising all six of us kids, Dad's VA $10,000 life insurance policy was the only amount of life insurance they ever had.  Now, Mom has a policy on herself.  Thank the Lord for watching out over both our parents while they raised us!!

Mom commented on how good his lunch smelled, waiving onto the patio...  My sister had not eaten breakfast and was starving.  Mom mentioned to Dad she was going to take Holly out for lunch for driving them both over to visit Dad.

Dad told them he needed to eat too, so they wheeled him into the lunch room and over to a table with two of his friends.  Dad saluted one of the gentleman, and he sharply saluted back to Dad.  He saluted the other gentleman who ignored Dad.

Dad began to happily chat with his saluting buddy in between bites of his lunch.  It is my sister's tradition with Dad to always blow him a kiss.  She attracted his attention through the window to the lunch room and sent him his kiss.  Dad caught it and blew her one back, then turned to continue his conversation with his friend.

On the way out, Mom saw the Administrator and gave him Doctor-Doctor's get well card to send to her.  Dad's favorite nurse (Doctor-Doctor) is out after hernia surgery.  The Administrator thanked her and said he would make sure it went out in the mail on Monday...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Got A Big Pain...

Got a BIG pain in my left clavicle.

Hurts to sit and type.

So far, ICY HOT PACKS are not working...need something stronger...

May be out a few days...

Happy Valentines Day if I am not back by Monday...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dad Would Be Extremely Proud...

Yesterday, my 8 year old grandson taught his Mother how to play chess.
He learned from his Father.
My daughter told me he was an excellent teacher...           


Dad taught me to play chess. He would take f-o-r-e-v-e-r to make a move. I always thought it was just part of how one plays chess. I have very fond memories playing it with him. Dad taught each of us to play chess. I spoke with my second to the oldest brother K____ tonight, and when I asked, he told me Dad had taught him to play as well....

I know Dad would be thrilled to learn my grandson is playing, and that he understood the game well enough to teach his Mother.

Dad would be extremely proud...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Day for Celebratiing...

My son in law is an avid and devoted New York Yankee fan.  They go watch a Yankee game, preferable against the Angels (my younger daughter's boyfriend's team), on their vacations.  They all watch all the games on TV.  He and his two sons wear their Yankee caps e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e, and even my oldest daughter, wears a pink one.

Today, my six year old grand son learned he would be on the Yankees Little League team. (Last year, he had to play for the Angels...) His older brother, the 8 year old, has decided to "help out" with the team this year, instead of play.  When they found out, both of them were jumping up and down all excited and ran to their Dad who was smiling proudly! Together they all leaped around jumping for joy!! It was a great day for celebrating!

At a recent PTA meeting, one of the members who's son used to play baseball with my 8 year old grandson, asked why he was not playing this year. 

"I dunno', I just don't want to", was his reply...

"I bet you $5.00 you won't play next year",  she taunted with reverse psychology...

"Bet you $5 I will!" 

*** image by google images****

Friday, February 4, 2011

Look Out!! Dad Is Getting X-Rated....

Mom is spending the weekend with my sister this weekend.  She will drive over tonight around 5pm when my sister gets off work.

She went to visit Dad this morning and found him in his room being all spiffed up by one of the "lovely ladies". He was very happy to see her. It is still very cold outside, so after Dad brushed his teeth, they sat in the sun beside his bedroom window and chatted.

Mom said Dad's phrase for the day was "in sync".  Ironic, because he told her he had been having some really sexy dreams lately.  He wanted to know if she dreamt about him, and she told him she did.  Their conversation must have been p-r-e-t-t-y sexy, actually, Mom described it as "graphic", and would not repeat what Dad said to her...

Dad continued to weave a wonderful tale about how all the ladies are lined up to get into bed with him... 

"I keep my eyes closed so the ladies don't get embarrassed." 

Mom did some "eye rolling" to the ceiling, and  managed to nod her head with interest...

The lady who had been grooming Dad returned to his room, just in time to catch some specifics of Dad's personal preferences.  She whispered to Mom asking if Dad's conversation bothered her.  Mom smiled gratefully, whispering back, her Support Group had pre-warned her of SEX being a popular topic of Alzheimer patients...(but Mom did wonder, when the CNA walked away, hoping it was all just talk...)

Dad let her know he needed HIS money for HIS expenses.  She reminded him his expenses were paid and his money now helps her pay for the utilities at the house...but he still wanted HIS money.  (When Dad lived at home, he could not balance his checkbook, let alone find it...he lost everything and was paranoid about giving Mom any money.  He was very unkind to her and accused her of not knowing how to manage money.  If it were not for Mom, they would have been in sorry shape...because truth be told, Dad did not know how to manage money..he spent it as fast as he got a hold of it.)

Mom maintained her silence and allowed Dad to carry on...He told her she did not know anything about money... She should talk to their second oldest son K_____, because he was a smart businessman... or to their youngest son E______ who owns the Steelers... and how he plans on helping his son because managing a football team is a huge undertaking...

Dad was rambling about all the children...and Mom was not clear whether he meant the grand kids or their grown children...who are now adults...

Then there was Dad's ABC Company where HE makes all HIS money and HE can even buy and sell cars with it and do everything... 

Mom mentioned she would be spending the weekend with my sister and her husband... Dad told her he wanted to come to Vegas to visit my husband and I...

"J_____ just retired, so maybe you might want to allow them a bit more alone time before your visit..." Mom said softly.

"I KNOW THAT!"  Dad snapped...

Mom heard the lunch carts rolling down the hall and asked Dad if he would like her to wheel him down to the lunchroom for lunch...

Dad whiffed the air like a puppy, his dark mood vanished and he was happy to go eat with his friends...

After she got Dad settled for lunch, she tried to call Doctor-Doctor, who is out on leave recuperating from hernia surgery.  Mom could not reach her and felt terrible we do not have her home address to send her a get well card... We will have to keep on trying to reach her to get her address.

Mom glanced into the lunchroom, on her way out, checking on Dad.  His head was down with both arms flapping and shoveling in the food in his mouth at lightning speed...

No doubt, nap time will bring some interesting dreams after he fills his belly...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's A Great Morning This Afternoon...

The nursing home called me to inform me Dad's potassium levels were elevated, so they were discontinuing the potassium they were giving him.  His Digoxin levels were low, so the doctor increased it to .250mg.  Dad's blood pressure is stable.


I called Dad around 3:45pm.  He just woke up from a nap.  His voice was perky and peppy...full of energy.  His spirits were high as he told me he was dressed and ready to go eat breakfast...

Dad is usually turned around as to what time it is or which meal he is eating...Since his short term memory is affected, I think whenever he wakes up, he thinks it is the start of a new wonder he thinks he has lived there for years and years...

I went with it and acted like it was sense in correcting him... He told me he was anxious to go see his friends and all the pretty ladies...the "busy bees".

"I feel lost with all these lovely ladies...I just get so excited when I am around them...I just relax and let it happen...oh, they are so beautiful...."  His voice sounded exceptionally happy and it made me smile a big smile...

As always, he complimented the staff for taking such great care of him...

"I'm going to be selling cars now it will keep me very busy..."

Again, I agreed with him and said it was good for him to keep busy...

"We are a bunch of joyful and happy people over here... and I am ready for breakfast..."

With that, I wished him a good day and told him how much I missed him and loved him.  He returned the love to me and extended his love to my wonderful husband...

God Bless you Dad...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Care Conference for Dad...

This morning Mom and I attended Dad's Care Conference.  Mom in person, me via conference call.  The physical therapist was the first to report, as he had to return to his patients.  He told us he got Dad into an exercise routine to increase his flexibility and strength from being in the hospital for almost a week.  Dad was doing well, no complaints and was doing some walking with assistance.  Dad told him he was worried about losing his upper body strength, so they are incorporating appropriate exercises to accommodate it for him. 

Did is using a front wheel walker and still not allowed to wear shoes.  He wears slipper socks when he is exercising, and his foam booties while in his wheel chair or in bed.  The wound care nurse is treating Dad's pinkie toe and keeping a watchful eye so no one puts shoes on Dad.

The nutritionist reported Dad has gained 15 pounds in the past six months.  He now weighs 157 pounds!  Needless to say, we all know there is nothing wrong with Dad's appetite!

Mom and I decided I would be the only one on the emergency sheet.  I would be the first contact and then I will call her and every one else in the family.  They confirmed my address and phone numbers.

The social director told us a lot of the staff decided to wear funny wigs today... she had a bleached blond wig on, and everyone commented Dad would love it.  She also mentioned she was going to ask Dad to help her plant some raised flower beds.  Last year, she enlisted Dad to plant flowers in all the flower boxes out on the patio.  Dad, being a former horticulturist, is in his element working with plants and the earth.

She shared with us how Dad had been watching Beaches with Bette Midler and how he was laughing his head off while watching it.  She and other staff members got such a kick from his hearty laughter...

Rather than have the head nurse read off all Dad's medications, I asked her to send me a current list of the medication he is taking.  She told me Dad had finished his antibiotics and would probably be getting off the anti-depressants he has been on. The Psychiatrist had last seen Dad on 1-7-11 and had ordered it. They all remarked at how happy  and content Dad is.  We told them how anxious Dad was to get back to the nursing home...

We discussed emergency response and we agreed to full medical treatment should CPR be required.

Dad has his teeth cleaned every three months.    I got the name of the dentist who comes to treat him so I can follow up and get further information.

Dad saw the Podiatrist 1-11-11 to have his toe nails trimmed.

Dad had his eyes checked by the Opthamologist and reported his latest glasses were adequate.  Dad only wears them when he reads his Bible.  Most times when I visit, he is not wearing his glasses.  We discussed a recommendation of the Opthamologist to refer Dad to a Ocular Plastics for the lumps on his eyes.  We also discussed rescheduling his consult with the Opthamologist. 

Since we all have decided if a biopsy or surgery was required, Dad would freak out, and we don't want to upset Dad nor do we want to have him sedated.  So for now, we will leave it alone and continue to treat it topically and with antibiotics.  We have determined we would only consider it if it was a matter of life or death. 

There were no changes on the Doppler test, other than the preliminary findings, which I posted a couple of days ago... We discussed Dad's compression stockings.  It was agreed the damage to Dad's legs has been done, so if we can get him to allow the nurses to put them on, fine, if not, we will not press the issue with Dad.  We just want him to be comfortable and as stress free as possible.

All in all it was a good conference.