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Thursday, February 24, 2011

More From Dad...

Mom visited Dad in the nursing home today, just before 11 AM.  She found him in bed with his legs elevated, surrounded by five young nursing students.  They were all laughing.  Dad seemed extremely happy.

She sat down after kissing him hello and he began talking non-stop as if Mom was interviewing him -- Mom was able to ask a few questions, but for the most part, Dad did all the talking...
So Mom decided to take notes: (All Dad's conversation is in bold)

"All the boys did their devotions at their weddings at Disneyland...."

Mom asked Dad who came to visit him yesterday, (knowing their youngest son E_____ had visited ...)
"Hol Doll came and we went to prayer sessions.  They were very soothing prayer sessions.  (Hol Doll is his pet name for my sister...) Her husband came too.  He was very relieved the surgery is over. (He plans on having surgery later this year...but neither my sister, or her husband came to visit that particular day) We took lots of pictures. We laughed a lot.  E____ came too.  I want to sit in a cab or a bus or a train with the boys and talk...we can take up the back seat..."

"The ladies hum to him and he loves it. 
They whisk him off fast to lunch or breakfast. 
He loves to watch himself on the television...
He is a nice loving guy and he's #1 in the world. 
They send money; millions of dollars, so he is a millionaire. 
He is going to help people with the money. 
He spends a lot of time loading sand boxes...
If you feel comfortable with someone, marry them..."

Dad asked her what she was doing...and she told him she was writing down all the important things he was telling her...She continued to write:

"He went to visit someone in Europe for a week. (Dad has never been to Europe) 
Some of the girls he is married to were there. 
He loved England.  (He has never been to England, either)
They traveled in a big bus because it was safer. 
Doctor-Doctor (His favorite female CNA, who is still out on leave, recuperating from surgery) sends him love notes...".

"The boys love him and call him Jehovah. 
They come over and give him a bite out of a cookie. 
He loves to watch the boats in the water...he tells the little boys not to go near the water, it's dangerous!  (Dad loved to sail as a young boy when he lived in Conneticut.)
So many beautiful places...."

"He has to report if it going to be a rainy day."

"He likes to get up and do things for people. 
They wheel me out real fast and I walk with the people.  I know them real well. 
I look out and check the weather to see if the horses will run today. (Dad used to "play the ponies")
I mind my own business. 
The kids come up and shake my hand; their fathers are so proud, it makes me happy to see the proud Fathers."

"He has to use the language they understand. 
He handles all the money in the whole wide world that comes in. 
He wants to keep up in a peaceful way. 
He wants to always preach peace, not war. 
If you do something for someone else, forget the war. 
We are in a war situation - be prepared."

"He helps turn on the TV and we watch it, but it is not too interesting. 
He feels so good most of the time. 
He has extra strength in his body. 
He is not a Tourist attraction. "

"He feels good talking with his sons. 
He hopes they remember him.
They're always talking about getting together with him. "

"Europe is beautiful.
Think of somebody underground unless you are on the tail end of it.  (Before he went into the hospital, he told me about the Battle of Tarawa, and how all the Japanese were tunneled underground....and when the Marines took them prisoners, the Japanese put their hands behind their heads, as if to surrender, but instead had granades which they had hidden and pulled the pin when they were in a big group...killing themselves and Marines...)
Much better on the back seat. 
He waits where he knows the last car will be. 
If it's cloudy you need to be under cover. 
It's so crowded with the girls on the train. 
They're right underneath him, and he does what they say."

"Nasty people get clobbered. 
A weapon reads who and what you are before they pull the trigger. 
Use the escalator one step at a time. 
If you disobey orders, they take you off -- and pay big fines.
If you can't pay you go to jail where you have to stand on one foot.
If you can't obey you are covered with black ink and you can't get it off."

"Instantaneous communication is wonderful."

"I'm very busy.
That's the way I like it,  to help people." 

"It's amazing how fast you can travel. 
I've ridden in helicopters when I was in Korea, locked up for quite awhile. (Dad was never in Korea) 
We destroyed one an other's house. 
When you see the mountains, there are villages all over it. 
It goes up fast and it costs thousands of dollars."

"They need to come to me and cuddle.  
Certain things turn out to be illegal. 
I said the hell with that. 
I know legal and illegal. 
I respect people who are older than me -- they walk with canes and play cards."

"He can show you how to make every move without moving a castle, so the castle is one of the things he uses...." (Dad was a great chess he may be referring to the game...)

The male nurse came to get Dad ready for lunch.  He asked Dad if he wanted to walk to the restroom, rather than wheel him in with his wheel chair.  Dad told him YES, and then moved so quickly, the male nurse had to scramble after Dad, reminding Dad, "Slow down now, remember, we are a team". 
Obviously the physical therapy is helping Dad. 
Mom said she had not seen him move that fast in a year...

The weather is always a question...

He likes all his food mixed together...( and proceeded to dump the carrots in with the pot roast, potatoes, and gravy.  He also had milk, coffee, bread, butter and cookies.)  After Dad finished his lunch, Mom wheeled him back to his room....

Mom leaned over to hug and kiss Dad good-bye...  He kissed her cheek and told her,

"My best to you and your HUSBAND and the little ones..."  (Mom actually got a kick out of this, and it struck her funny... Thank God Mom has such a great sense of humor...)

***** Thank you so much Mom for this detailed was like being there....******


betty said...

I like how she wrote it all down what he said and how she rolls with the punches, I'm sure I would have laughed too when he said "my best to you and the husband".

it is supposed to get cool here this weekend.....


Jeanie said...

Wow, that was quite a commentary on so many things. I like that he is always a good guy in the things he says or giving good advice to others.

Southhamsdarling said...

Your mum must have been scribbling away madly during that visit!! I agree with That corgi :) who said how your mum rolls with the punches. She is a very brave lady, I think.

Mari said...

Good for your Mom for writing it down, because otherwise there is way to much to remember. I love hearing all of his sayings.

Jo said...

Aw.... that was bittersweet.

Did you ever see a movie called "The Notebook"? That was bittersweet too.

Chatty Crone said...

Both your parents sound like wonderful people - it is so hard to have something like this happen. Love, sandie

gayle said...

You are right Thank God you mom has such a good sense of humor! She sounds wonderful too!

More people should write things down that their loved ones say.

The Words Crafter said...

I agree with everyone else. I'm glad she has a sense of humor, otherwise, this could have been really sad.

I'm glad he was in such a good mood and that his therapy seems to be going so well!