This blog was formerly dedicated in 2009 to my Dad who died of Alzheimer's in 2013. It's been three years now...and I find myself missing I am re-inventing my blog... because, after all, life is about moving through, and going forward...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

His beautiful wife...

Mom went to visit Dad yesterday morning.  She found him in the dining room doing crafts with the other residents.  Dad saw Mom coming, through the dining room windows, and began throwing her kisses... Mom walked in and greeted him with a kiss of her own.  The room was a murmer of varied conversations and music, when Dad spontaneously announced in a booming voice,


The room went almost silent.  Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at both Mom and Dad.  Mom told us later in her email, "Nothing like a grand entrance!"

Dad was off and running at the mouth...Mom could not follow or understand what he was talking about, but just smiled and nodded, listening intently.  Dad's Angel, Doctor-Doctor, brought them each a cup of coffee.  Mom and Dad have always enjoyed having their coffee together.  Coffee is Mom's most favorite beverage.

One of the residents was sitting next to Dad and coloring.  Dad told Mom he had already done enough coloring for the day.  Mom reminded him of all the coloring he used to do with the Grand kids.  Dad smiled fondly, nodding his head, remembering.  Mom complimented Dad, telling him how well he stayed within the lines...  Some thing about that hit Dad's funny bone, because he burst into a roaring belly laugh!

Mom had brought Dad a six pack of Oreo cookies.  When she handed him one, he lit up with a big smile.
Mom smiled back, knowing Oreos being one of his favorite cookies.

The Pastor walked into the dining room, greeting various residents who attended regularly by name.  He greeted Dad and introduced himself to Mom.  He told her they were going to be having a Bible Study soon, studying Galatians, and asked if she would like to join them.

Mom thanked the Pastor, but declined, sharing she was meeting an old friend for lunch.  Mom told Dad she was meeting the wife of a couple of their old friends from College.  The four of them used to travel and camp together.  Dad and the woman's husband hiked and climbed Mt. Whitney.  They were such life long friends, when we moved into the home Mom still lives, back in the 50s; Dad  planted two one gallon pine trees and named them after their friends. Dad asked Mom to deliver his love and a big hug to them both, which Mom did later at her lunch.

Dad mentioned my brother K____ and his wife and his grand son of my other brother, S____.  He told Mom how much he missed them...She promised to let them know and was sure he would see them soon.

Mom was very happy with her visit with Dad and definitely agreed that mornings are the very best time to visit...

Later, when Mom was leaving, Doctor-Doctor took Mom aside and told her Dad was very worried about my youngest brother, E_____.  Dad was very upset and thought something had happened to him.  Doctor-Doctor calmed him down by telling Dad she pretended to call his son on the phone.  She reassured Dad that he was fine, just very busy at work, but he would come to see him soon...  God Bless Dad's Angel...she has done this for Dad on numerous ocasions.  Talk about someone who goes the extra mile for her patients!!!

I plan on writing a letter on her behalf, letting the nursing home know how Blessed we are to have Dad there and being cared for by the incredible staff, especially her....his Angel.


Mari said...

It sounds like your Mom had a good day - both the visit with your Dad and the outing with friends.
It's very nice of you to write the letter about your Dad's Angel. Often the complaints are registered and not the good things. And - a compliment can go as long way!

Jeanie said...

I love your mom's grand entrance. It sounds like yesterday's visit was very uplifting and pleasant for her.

Wander to the Wayside said...

Glad your mom had such a good visit! I also used to write either a personal note to someone in particular or to the head of the nursing home about someone, either for a specific act of kindness or for going that extra mile to make my dad comfortable or whatever. The maintenance man one time went waaay above the call of duty to do some special wiring for my dad's tv, and even let him 'supervise' and somewhat participate, which of course took extra time out of his schedule.

That corgi :) said...

it seems like a really good place where your dad is and it seems like they are really caring people! I know I might have said that before, but the care he is getting seems so very genuine and loving

how wonderful your dad would be so proud of your mom to boisteriously make such a statement :)


R. M. Iyer said...

That is really so beautiful. My father used to so the same thing too, sometimes. Sometimes, he would ask my mother if she was his nurse.

~ Rayna

MissKris said...

After my Dad suffered a devastating stroke, the care center where he spent his final months was such a blessing to my family. As my brothers and I gathered together on Dad's last nite, I lost count of the aides and others who came in to kiss him goodbye and tell him how much they loved him. It's too bad more care facilities aren't that 'caring' and compassionate. What a lovely entry!

Jo said...

Aw.... this post made me feel so happy...! You have just made my day. :-)

I will be thinking about your Mom and Dad all day now. How lovely!

Lily Robinson said...

What a great day! I'm sure it made your mom very happy. It's wonderful that they take the time to be so caring.

Mr J's great-niece just got her first after-school job... working with Alzheimer patients. I sure hope she will go the extra mile.

gayle said...

So glad your mom had a great visit!!