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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Family news...and updates

Today Mom found out her job would be abolished in June.  She works for a second chance high school, where kids who have gotten into trouble or lost their way, get another opportunity to graduate.  She is in charge of the attendance.  Mom has worked there for a little over 15 years.

The director of classified employees and the union head met with Mom and the principal in her office.  They showered her with compliments assuring her it was a financial decision and not due to her performance.  She was encouraged to file for unemployment.

Mom leaves this weekend for a Retreat in San Diego and she has another trip to Ohio in June.  She will spend most of June visiting our oldest brother, his wife and their four kids.  The last time she saw them was last June, when Dad went into the hospital.


Most of my comments about the move, have been on my other blog, Discovering the Purpose of our Lives at   I had a few comments from blogging friends who didn't even realize we had taken the house off the market and are staying put; for now...

We had our counseling appointment for our Reverse Mortgage this morning.  Tomorrow, we do the application and pay to have a professional give us an appraisal on our home. 

   *****    Everyone please pray we get an appraisal for at least $200,000.    *****

The appraisal will be a determining factor to our Reverse Mortgage.

Spent the day staying busy. Pulled weeds and trimmed some of trees and bushes in the yard.  Cleaned and organized the boxes I had packed in the garage, so it looks more presentable.  Did two loads of laundry and vacuumed the house. I typed up a list of all the upgrades and improvements to give to the appraiser. I finished breaking down my art studio, just to make the garage not seem so cluttered.  I have to stay on top of the appearance of the house for when ever the appraiser appears...


Mari said...

I'll be praying about the appraisal, that you have clear direction on what to do after it's done.

K. Harrington said...

Thanks for your comments on school buses. Oh, and I love, love, love the pic of you and your parents! (Sorry to hear about your mom's job loss. It sounds like a greater loss for the school.)

That corgi :) said...

sorry about your mom and her job; such a sad sign of the bad economic times we are in. I'm hoping the school is still going to be open? seems like it is such a vital service needed, but again I am sorry your mom was a victim of these times

I didn't even realize you had another blog; heading over there to check it out