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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Difficult decisions...

I have had a full week of highs and lows. I wanted to write about it last night, but was too tired, and felt any attempts at trying, were forced.

I had a wonderful lunch today at Brios in Town Square with two gals I met  blogging.   
Linda, from
and Lisa from
It was so good to have some girlfriend time.   

What would we do without our girlfriends, ladies?

Its been a rough couple of weeks. We have so much on our plates.  Our indecision to stay here in Nevada, or move back to California has been keeping us both on edge. I think my husband and I have pretty much made up our minds to put the house up for sale in April and when it sells, he'll retire and we will move back to California. I am looking in Hemet and Cherry Valley (mainly because that is the only area we can afford to buy, so we won't have a mortgage) to find something before we move, so when the house sells, we can move into the new place. 

Despite the fact we are spoiled here, in that, we are close to everything and have anything we could possibly want to do at our finger tips. We can be as busy or as entertained as we want to be.  Living back in California, particularly the remote areas we are considering, is NOT the most convenient area to live.  We will have to travel to do many of the things we like to do, but bottom line, we will live a more fuller life, being closer to those we love and hold dear.

Been having a challenging time with our adopted dog, Izzy.  She still barks at my husband.  Now, I am not sure if she is really afraid of him, or she senses he is weak, because he is so tired and stressed and does not interact much. With my husband's new position, he is working longer hours and one day on the weekends.  The last thing we both need is her constant barking when he gets home.  I have been crating her just before he comes home for a minimum of two hours.  That way, he can relax, we can talk and have a quiet, uninterrupted dinner.

I called my sister crying earlier in the week.  My husband and I had an argument over the frustration of her barking, and fear of my husband.  I can't allow her to come between us.  I was considering taking her to the SPCA.  It is a no kill facility, but are full and only take emergencies.  We can't give her back to the Animal Shelter, we are her 4th family, so they may euthanize her.  My sister supported me and encouraged me, that giving her up was not terrible because we had done more than what she or her husband could have coped with, in half the time!!

My sister, my friends dianne, Linda, Lisa and Marylinn have all been so patient in sharing their advise and suggestions, on what to try with Izzy. Our Vet suggested a Trainer, who would charge $75 an hour...
We are at our wits end...

Does anyone  else have any suggestions????

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gayle said...

Oh my...I am so sorry to hear this!! I have never had an indoor dog so I have no advice for you. Just wanted to say I am thinking of you!!