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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Care Conference for Dad...

Yesterday, Mom and I attended Dad's Care Conference.  Her in person, me over the phone.  Dad is holding his weight at 133 and is averaging eating 76% of his food.  The Director of Nursing attended the meeting and commented Dad's blood pressure and resting heart rate were better than hers.

The new Social Worker assured us Dad is attending activities five days out of the week, but she has noticed, as other staff have, how much quieter Dad has become.  All Dad's tests have come back good.

Mom and I made sure they all knew we did not want to force Dad to eat.  If Dad says he is not hungry, we want them to let him alone.  We went over his medications and final instructions.

We all had a chuckle when Mom shared how Dad was stuck on discussing sex last week with both of us...she learned in her support group how common it is.

After the conference, Mom went to visit Dad.  As soon as Mom greeting him and asked how he was, Dad announced he felt good!  Again, Dad kept both eyes shut while talking with Mom.  Dad's lunch was served and one of the male care givers came by Dad's table and offered to feed Dad.  Mom thanked him, but told him she would like to feed Dad.  Dad's lunch smelled delicious....he had lasagna, garlic bread, mixed vegetables, coffee (which he smacked his lips over), two small glasses of milk, strawberry ice cream and a banana.  He emptied everything on his plate.

One of Dad's former room mates, who was moved from Dad's room because he played his music so loud which disturbed Dad, came over in his walker and told her she looks younger and younger each time he sees her come to visit Dad.  Mom told him he made her day!

Mom intended to go home and eat, but did not have time as she had her support group to attend.  She barely made it on time.  One of the ladies was having a birthday so Mom was able to munch on some cookies which held her over until she got home to eat.

All and all it was a good visit and report.

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I love this report!