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Friday, November 30, 2012

Dad's Care Conference 11-27-12

Mom and I attended Dad's Care Conference this past Tuesday, Mom in person and me, over the phone.
They started off confirming I am the first contact, then Mom, then my brother K____.

Confirmed we do not want CPR or any invasive life saving procedures....only transportation to hospital if ill, continued medications etc.

We reviewed the various services provided.  Dad had seen the Optometrist, but apart from Dad's bad right eye with the skin cancer, his left is about the same on his glasses prescription, so no new glasses were ordered.

The Opthamologist saw Dad and still requests Dad to be evaluated by a plastic surgeon.  We plan on having Dad see the Opthamologist and surgeon he saw last April, but as long as Dad is in no pain, we will not take any action as Dad would not cooperate anyway.

The Psychiatrist visited Dad and gave orders to keep Dad on his "happy pills" Lexapro and the Aracept.

Dad's toe nails had been trimmed by the Podiatrist and the nursing home it is done regularly, despite Dad having the growth on his left foot and being on Hospice.

The Dentist still wants to pull several of Dad's teeth (instead of filling them) and we continue to say NO, unless Dad has any pain.

Dad continues to have a great appetite and weighs 152 pounds.

The Activities Director extended an invitation to our family to attend their real Santa Christmas Party with food and gifts on December 14th at 12:30pm.

Dad's meds were reviewed with one new order for new antibiotic drops for Dad's right eye for a period of ten days, ordered by Dad's doctor who last saw Dad November 19th.  The doctor has been giving Dad the liquid nitrogen treatments and Dad has not complained of any pain on his left foot.

I confirmed Dad was not diabetic and the Director of Nursing assured me Dad was not diabetic.

All in all it was a good report.  Dad continues to flirt and be joyful with all the female nursing staff and hospice staff and volunteers.  We all had a good chuckle with Dad's amorous ways.

Mom popped in to visit Dad but he was snoozing in his wheel chair as holiday music waived through the air.  He looked so peaceful, Mom decided not to wake him and to come another day.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

As long as he seems happy and in no pain, don't rock the boat with changes. Good report!

Mari said...

I think it's a good report too - glad to hear it!