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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dad, The Pontificating Absent Minded Professor...

Mom called me today while I was filling out paperwork for my new Dentist. I am still on the hunt for a "good one" and am getting yet another estimate for two implants to replace the two tooth hole, from my former Dentist who broke off my tooth at the gum line, when removing my bridge.  He is the one who gave me the painful injections and put a knee on my chest to pull my tooth!

Anyway, Mom wanted to know if I wanted to talk with Dad.  Unfortunately, the staff was waiting for me to finish the paperwork, so I could not.  Mom had a good visit with Dad. She planned to go earlier this morning, but the window guy (she is replacing some windows in the house to quiet street noise and lower the utility bills) kept her longer than she planned.

Dad had just finished lunch, so they went to his room and thankfully, neither of his room mates were there. He sat in his wheelchair and she sat on his bed. It was drizzling outside and there were student nurses all over the place, including their "special nook" where Mom and Dad usually go to visit.

She told him some church news which she felt he understood, and then she asked him what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday party on November 5th. Surprisingly, he told her he wasn't too fond of cake, so she suggested an ice cream cake.  Dad's face lit up on that suggestion!  He told her to get a big one so all the guests could enjoy it. She promised she would.

The nursing home will give a big party during the day for all the birthdays in November, that way, all the patients will think it is a birthday party for them individually... I know Dad will.  Later, at 7pm, we will all converge into one of the meeting rooms and celebrate Dad's 90th birthday.

Dad told her he writes a daily column for the staff there. He reviews the movies and reports which ones to see. He also helps them place their bets at the race track.  (Just gotta' love him...)

He told Mom he wanted to open a bank account so he'd have money to entertain with.  She told him she already had one account with his and her names on it and one with just her name. He smiled and seemed content.

Dad suddenly launched into a lecture about how people suck.  Mom thought he meant it in a negative way, but he went into a long explanation about how well babies do when they suck (Dad was pontificating, so his voice was quite LOUD!)  He determined adults should suck mother's milk as well.  Mom just agreed with him and told him how interesting that was.  Mom had barely finished her sentence, and Dad was off on another topic. His mind must be jumping all the time.

Dad is in love with another young gal there with beautiful brown eyes.

She told Dad about having the house treated for termites.  He was very proud of her for taking care of things around the house. So she told him she was considering replacing the windows and he thought it was a wise move. When Dad was home, she fought with him "tooth and nail" about getting things done around the house.  He was so paranoid, he was certain the workers would steal from them.  I know it relieves so much of her stress getting the house in order after waiting for so long.

Mom reminded Dad it was his sister's 85th birthday today, as well as his niece's birthday.  Mom tried to call her so Dad could speak with her, but she was out. She called again when Mom got home and they chatted for awhile.  His sister had been out to dinner with her daughter's family.

Dad told Mom how well she looked and asked about the rest of the family. She told him the exciting news about my second to the youngest brother graduating next month.  Dad smiled and said he was so proud of him. She told him my youngest brother was busy as were the rest of the family. Dad told Mom he had talked with me the other day.

He seemed tired and closed his eyes, so she suggested it might be  nap time. Dad said he was ready to take a snooze...

Listening to Mom tell us about Dad acting like a pontificating Professor, it brought back memories of one Halloween.  Mom dressed as a Flapper and had Dad dress as the Absent Minded Professor.  He wore a white shirt, tie, dinner jacket, boxer underwear, shoes, socks and sock garters....NO LONG PANTS! 
They took first prize.


Rose said...

90th birthday, Wow. sounds like you will have a great celebration. ice cream cake, go for it. your mom seems to be dealing with household issues, that's great. rose

Mari said...

I love the absent minded professor story! It shows yours Dad's long time sense of humor.

betty said...

cute Halloween memory Donna!! how exciting with your dad's 90th birthday coming up so soon! I knew it was coming, but I don't think I knew the day (or remembered it) I bet he will enjoy the ice cream cake!


Pat said...

I just love your father! He cracks me up! People suck! That is too funny! I forgot, are your writing this all down, keeping track, planning on writing a book?