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Friday, January 18, 2013

A Much Better Visit...

Mom went to visit Dad today.  She found him sitting in his wheel chair in the hallway by the nurses station...when she called to him, he opened his eyes, saw her, smiled and called her "Lynnie".

They chatted and Dad seemed so much better in his disposition.  The male caregiver came over to tell Mom Dad was eating so much better.  He told Mom they all help him if he doesn't want to feed himself.  He reminded Dad to make sure he eats all his food otherwise Donna will call and get upset when she finds out... Mom had to muffle a chuckle... Several other staff members came over to visit Dad and Mom.

"Pickles" came over and ask Dad if he knew her name.  Dad answered, "That's a very good question!" and everyone laughed.  Dad nicknamed her but some times can't remember her Mom helped him remember and Dad laughed out loud.

"Pickles" told Mom she gave Dad his shower this morning, but had to cut it short as Dad was trying to get her to join him in the shower...more laughter commenced...

Dad turned when he heard the food carts coming down the hallways...even if he didn't hear it, I have no doubt he could smell it.  It always smells so good.  Dad turned to Mom and told her he was hungry.

Dad was wheeled into the lunch room and served immediately.  Mom fed him his baked fish with tartar sauce, scalloped potatoes with cheese, mixed vegetables, cold slaw, red jello, bread and butter, coffee, milk with ice cream for dessert.  Dad ate every morsel.

Several of the usual residents ate near by.  The staff had posted signs around asking family members to not visit their loved ones if they were ill.  Mom visited with the other residents as she always does when she visits Dad.

Dad wasn't very talkative.  He only answered Mom when she asked him a specific question.  Dad rambled on about dating someone because it was his job and some other stuff which did not make any sense.

Mom meant to bring her cell phone so I could talk with Dad...but she forgot to charge her batteries and the phone was dead.  She was very happy to have the horrible previous visit erased from her memory replacing it with the much better one today.

I am so relieved to hear about this good visit, Dad's increased appetite and better attitude.

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Mari said...

It's great to hear a good report!