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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Notes from Church...What to do when you need a miracle.

Notes taken 4-20-2000 at Faith Bible Church in San Bernardino, CA
Sermon by Rev. Arthur Valadez.

2 Chronicles 20:1-30
1.  Get in tune with god (vs 3-4):  Fast and pray. 
Ask yourself, "What is it Lord? Let me see and understand your will."
Blood will flow to your brain - not your stomach.

2.  Pray about the problem (vs 5-12).  Prayer should not be the last thing you do,
when all else fails, it needs to be the first thing.
Remind yourself of who God is (vs 6) He is God in Heaven, He rules over the world,
He is the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega.

Remind yourself of what God has done (vs 7)  He is the one who answers prayers and leads us
out of great trouble.

Ask God to do it again (vs 12)  Ask for a repeat performance and an instant replay.

3.  Admit your need for help. (vs 12b) " We do not know what to do but our eyes are on you."  We   have no power.  Power and might are in Your Hand God.

4.  Focus on God, not your problems. (vs 12c)  when you have problems, you don't need to look   down....look up!!   God responses (vs 15) Problems are like a mattress--on top of it, you rest easy, but underneath, you suffocate.  Focus on God.

The battle is not ours, it is God's but we fight it.  Quit playing God.  Let go and let God handle it.  We don't help God... He helps us.  When we say, "Lord, I let you down, " we are kidding ourselves because we were NEVER holding Him up!  Maybe if God resigns as General Manager of the Universe, then we can take over...

5.  Rest in faith (vs 17)  God is a winner and does not lose.  He has a perfect batting average.
What am I to stand firm on? (vs 20b) Quiet mental attitude with confidence.
If you want to do it alone... He will let you.  He gave you free will, free choice.
If you run away from it, He will bring you back.
The character of God (vs 20)
The word of God
What He brings you to, He will see you through. 
Do what is right and the right feelings will catch up with you.

6.  Thank God in advance. (vs 21)

The results?  He outdoes our expectations. (vs 29-30)

(vs 29-30) It becomes a testimony to others.


Mari said...

There's lots of wisdom in those notes.

janis said...

Dang Donna~ I need this church!
Thank you so much for sharing this...God knows I read your blog & needed me to read this today♥